Creation Kids January News

Happy New Year! Wow, the Holidays were such a great time here! We were very busy celebrating Christmas and the New Year!

The Preschoolers had a great time learning all about the birth of Jesus and making lots of Christmas crafts!

Our Christmas Program was a success with another great turn out of about 300 people! It is such a heart warming time, everyone coming together to celebrate their children and Christmas! We are blessed to have such wonderful families! The Preschoolers entertained us with their songs. The School Agers sang a few songs and did a great job playing the Chime Bars. A special thank you to Lynn Jansen for volunteering her time to teach the children the chime bars. They all did a wonderful job  and look forward to their practices every week. Also, a special thank you to Dale and Sharon Ingle for running our music and  sound for the night and thank you to Pastor Alecia for all her help. It was a great night and all the children did a wonderful job!

Our Santa’s Workshop was a big hit! We had a lot of families from both centers come in and participate in the activities we had available for them. It was also a great family time!

We also had a great turn out for our Parent’s Night Out. We had over 100 children here that night from both centers. It was so much fun having both centers together playing and meeting everyone. The children enjoyed playing with their friends, eating pizza, and watching a movie.

The school agers have been busy playing outside. They were excited for their Christmas break. They kept busy making crafts and playing outside!

As we move into January, the Preschoolers will be learning about snow, colors, shapes and much more. The Preschoolers will continue to get visits from Josh and Pastor Alecia throughout the year. The children enjoy having them come in and visit, share stories and lessons. They can’t let Josh leave until they all get a high five from him.

Also in January, they will be taking a field trip to the Iowa Gym Nest!

The School Agers will be keeping busy with some fun crafts, games and trying to get outside.

We would like to wish you all a very blessed new year and thank you for all your support in the last year!!!

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