Creation Kids News

January was a great month! The Preschoolers have been busy learning about music, oceans, penguins, science, opposites, numbers and shapes. They took a field trip to the Iowa Gym Nest, which was fun! They have been able to get outside and play, but they would like more snow to play in!

The school agers have been enjoying playing outside after school. They have also been busy doing some art activities too! Chime bars is continuing and they are learning some new songs. The school agers celebrated their 100 Day of School here on January 23. The children brought in blankets and toys from home. They built a giant fort out of all the blankets! The children had fun with this activity and the other activities that they did to celebrate this day.

As we move into February the children will also be busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day. They will be celebrating with a Valentine’s Day party. They will also be learning about Groundhog’s Day, cooking and baking, reptiles, and transportation. The field trip this month will be to the Playstation in Cedar Rapids. They love going there and it is always a good time!

The School Agers will hopefully get some more outside time and keep busy with some fun crafts! They enjoy making crafts, it is a great for them to unwind and do after a long day at school.

As we continue into the next few months we will start to look at enrollment for the summer and fall. We have already started preparing and planning for Camp Creation Nation. Our goal is to make it even more fun than last summer and add a few new field trips and themes to the schedule. If interested in our summer camp please call or stop in to inquire. We look forward to another great month filled with lots of activities and fun!

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