New Horizons Peacemakers

Peacemakers meet twice at New Horizons in September: Monday, September 23 and September 30; flexible time from 5:30 to 9:00 pm. We continue to work on our star sampler charity quilts OR any quilting-craft project. Also in September we are starting a Beginner/Refresher Quilting Class (see article below).
Desire a fun hobby? Join New Horizons Piecemakers

A Beginner/Refresher quilting class begins in September. This class is designed:
· To accept 6 future quilters
· For beginners (or a previous quilter in need to sharpen their skills or motivation)
· To meet 6 or 7 times: September 23 and 30; October 7 and 28, November 9 and 25 and perhaps November 4). Each Monday meeting time is from 6:30pm to 9:00 pm. Saturday, November 9 meets from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
· To work in pairs and each pair complete a small lap or baby quilt for charity on November 25
· For most, if not all, work will be done during scheduled classes
· To use donated fabric and some borrowed sewing-quilting supplies so very little investment is re-quired. However, if you have a sewing machine, iron, ironing boards and/or supplies, we appreciate you bringing them. And, YES, people from other churches or community are welcome, so feel free to forward this Beginners Quilting Class and/or Piecemakers Group information to others.
Since we can only accept 6 in our class, registration is required! For additional information and registra-tion, contact church office (351.2491 New Horizons OR 626-2762 North Liberty) and they will forward Sondra your contact information.

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