Make a Difference

April 26 is the date for our Make a Difference Day (formerly known as 3 Hours to Make a Difference) spring work project. As usual we will have morning and afternoon shifts. The link to the online sign up is

We will be working with several other local churches to help families with home repairs, yard work, and clean up. Projects include things like washing windows, building a ramp, painting walls, raking leaves or making minor repairs to someone’s home. We always have plenty of projects, the only limit is the number of volunteers, so come and make a difference!

Some frequently asked questions about the project include:
Who can help? We need workers of all ages and abilities, including:
Families (children are welcome and will work with their parents)
Teens (youth are usually assigned as a group)
Skilled workers (construction, plumbing, electrical)
Talkers (often the most important task is talking with the person we are serving)
Bakers (to make cookies for teams and residents)

What if I get a project I can’t do? We ask each volunteer to fill out a form which indicates what tasks you feel comfortable tackling. We try to assign according to your skill level. Projects that required technical knowledge will have someone on the team who can advise you.

What if I can’t work that day? We have requests from families for help throughout the year. If you want to work on a project at another time, please let us know, and we will put you on a list to call with future projects.

What if I can’t do physical labor? No problem. We need registration folks, cookies makers, prayers and photographers.
Everyone is needed!

What if it rains? We pray that this will not happen, but we will reschedule if needed.

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