Let’s get together and make a difference in North Liberty!

What do you love about our community? What do you think would make North Liberty a better place to live?  How could we do that together?

A number of people have spent the last year following God’s call to find ways to better serve our community. Now it is time to gather all interested parties together – individuals, churches, community groups, and organizations – to share our ideas and explore how we can take those ideas from a vision to a reality.  Join us at one of two city-wide gatherings on

  • May 29, 6pm to 9pm at the North Liberty Community Center
  • May 31, 9am to noon at the North Liberty Community Center

Our evening gathering will include a light supper with sandwiches, veggies, and drinks. Our morning gathering will include coffee and snacks.  If you have questions, please contact Judy McRoberts at judy.mcroberts@gmail.com.

For more information on what we have been doing and hope to do, check us out at www.northlibertybuildingcommunity.wordpress.com.

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