Meet Kathy Boyd -a Stephen Minister


Out of the clear blue sky in March of 2002, a strange woman came into the Physical Therapy gym where I worked.  She told me that she had something for me to see.  I asked her if she had an appointment in P.T. and she said “no”.  I asked her if she was seeing a Physical Therapist here and was told to come and see me and she said “no”.  I asked her what she wanted me to see and she took her purse off her shoulder and opened her purse revealing a little black puppy. I loved him at first sight and had the lady and her puppy over to my house the next weekend. We named him Maxwell.

Bev Gates loved dogs and when she saw our puppy she offered to watch him whenever we needed. When she watched him she would take him into her family and include him in family pictures. One day she herself had a dog like Max.

Bev told me about the Stephen Ministry group in 2005.  She talked about the need to start a group of people that would be caregivers. Pastor Alecia expressed that there was a need within the congregation. The Stephen Minister’s group would be trained in confidentiality, trust, compassion, skilled instruction and most of all faith.  We would then be able to provide that care.  Guided by our Lord, God, I said “Yes, I would like to be a part of that group.”

The present Stephen Ministry group has helped, prayed and listened to me during my own struggles.

This service is a wonderful benefit offered by our church. Please consider joining and training to be a servant of God that can listen to and help another person or call if you are in need of a Stephen Minister to listen to and help you with your burden.

God Bless you!

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