Learning Opportunities

24 Hours That Changed The World – by Adam Hamilton
Go on a Lenten journey to relive the one day in history that changed everything.
Drawing on insights from history, archaeology, geography, and the Bible, Hamilton takes us to the Holy Land and provides a deeper understanding of the most amazing day in history. We visit the sites where those earth-shaking events took place, and we walk where Jesus walked along the road that led to the pain and triumph of the cross.
This six-week study will be led by Richard Grugin.  It will start on Sunday, Feb. 15, from 8:45 – 9:45.  Books can be ordered through the church ($15 for the book and $7 for the accompanying devotional guide) or downloaded on Kindle ($9.99 for book and $8.49 for devotional).  Please notify the office if you want a book and/or devotional guide ordered.
Lent By The Gospel
Bible study looking at the last week of Jesus’ life, using the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, to study and discuss.  Bring your bibles, there will be weekly scripture reading assignments.  Led by Carol Hulbert & Peggy Jedlicka, this will start on Sunday, Feb. 15, and meet in the Pastor’s office, starting at 9:00 AM.

“Before Amen” by Max Lucado

In this four-session video-based study, best-selling author Max Lucado reveals his struggles with prayer and how he discovered that it is not a privilege for the pious or the art of a chosen few but a simple tool everyone has been given to have a conversation with God. He shows you how to let go of uncertainties about prayer, trust that God hears you, and embrace a prayer life that brings peace and rest.

This study will be led by Jan Calvert in her North Liberty home.  It starts February 26 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.  Books are $15, (pre-ordered thru the church), Kindle book are $10.99.  Please contact Jan at:  calv@southslope.net or contact the church office to sign up for this class.

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