Online Lenten Study

Lent is a period is 40 days, not including Sundays, when Christians prepare for Easter.  This period of time is used for repentance, self-reflection, moderation and spiritual discipline.  Many times there are group studies to facilitate learning for this period.

Our church is offering the following classes: Lent By The Gospel with Carol Hulbert and Peggy Jedlicka:  24 hours That Changed the World by Adam Hamilton and Amen by Max Lucado hosted by Jan Calvert
If you are unable to attend on of these classes there are many options available on the world wide web. has a daily reading available.  The following links are the first few readings that are available.

Continued sharing of this website will be under Lent in the category cloud on the homepage.

Comments are encouraged.

2/18/15 Ash Wednesday – To Celebrate Your Love For All People.

2/19/15 A Letter.

2/20/15 I Strive Always To Keep My Conscience Clear Before God And Man.

2/21/15 He Spoke About Faith In Christ Jesus.

2/22/15 He Saw.

2/23/15 Paul’s Case.

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