Confirmation Retreat

The Confirmation retreat at Pictured Rocks was an awesome opportunity for the youth to get to know each other better while preparing for the upcoming sacrament of Confirmation. Youth and adults enjoyed Zip-Lining, cooking marshmallows, sledding in the snow and playing fun games (Name that Gargle was an especially big hit.)

During the retreat the youth and mentors had time to work through some of the confirmation sessions, share in a prayer service on Saturday night and Worship with Communion together on Sunday morning. Sleep was in short supply over the weekend.  Everyone really enjoyed the event and looks forward to sharing Pictured Rocks with the whole Youth group in the future.

Pictures can be found at the bottom of the Home page under photos or on the Bulletin Board in Narthex.  For more information on Pictured Rocks Methodist Camp check the Camp Bulletin board in the Narthex or at

THANK YOU to Pastor Alecia, and Confirmation Team members for coordinating this retreat.  THANK YOU to Elaine Hernandez and Jon Maakestad, confirmation mentors that were able to join the youth and adults attending the retreat.

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