Reflecting on Good Friday

The Good Friday Service was held at the First United Methodist Church in North Liberty led by the EPIC Youth group.  The youth provided a reflective service starting with the video “Good Friday” by The Skit Guys.

The congregation was given the opportunity to paint a red mark on a cross at the front of the church signifying the “things” that prevent a relationship with Jesus.  Just as the cross ended up with many unique red marks there are many obstacles preventing a relationship with Jesus.

Luke 23:26-46 provided the biblical basis for a reflection on the death of Christ.

A reading in the round centered on four candles representing: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.  Because of Christ’s blood we are able to know Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

The final opportunity for reflection was during the song Hope In Front Me by Dan Gokey.  This song held a special meaning for the youth because they heard it played at group gatherings during their last mission trip.

The service closed with a prayer and the invitation to place a thumbprint on a canvas cross in the Narthex.  The symbolism states that Ït wasn’t the nails that kept him on the cross….. it was Love.

The offering from the service funds missions, retreats and service through outreach.  future activities and mission trips.

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