Vote for Preliminary Plans

Here is information about the special Church Conference that will take place on Tuesday night, April 7 at 7:00 pm at the church.  You are being asked to consider the preliminary drawings for the renovation and expansion of the church facilities.

While everyone is invited, you must be a church member to vote.  All full members of the church can vote, as can any clergy who are appointed there or whose charge conference is located at FUMC.  Our Book of Discipline states that only those who are present can vote.  Some have asked of the possibilities of voting by absentee ballot or by proxy.  This is not permitted.

Rob Wagner, the chairperson of the Ministry Council, will present the following motion for consideration:

“I move that First United Methodist Church approve the expansion and renovation of the building as generally defined in the preliminary plan, with Southgate Development Company serving as the general contractor.”

This vote is for the preliminary plans that have been before you for two months.  **There will be an additional vote at a later time with complete architectural plans and final numbers.  This is a critical vote that needs the approval of the body.  We cannot move forward without it.  We mailed out plans in late January to each household.  If you would like to review them: Plans (page1, page 2, page 3, page 4) or see a copy of the plans in the entryway of the church.  Many of you attended meetings where you have offered feedback.

We will take time to discuss financials from the Capital Appeal.



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