Reinsoul Retreat 2015

On February 20 – February 21, twenty-three women from First United Methodist and New Horizons Methodist churches attended the “Reinsoul Yourself: Prayer & Other Ways to Seek God.”  The retreat was led by Marcia Watson, an experienced retreat leader who serves as Director of Spiritual Transformation at First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids.  The retreat was held at the beautiful Crooked Creek Christian Camp Pavilion (

There were many activities that allowed the participants to practice heaven now and understand that Prayer is not doing, but being.  Some of the activities centered on experiential prayer, art, movement in prayer, and Zentangle.

The amazing meals provided were created by a talented Mennonite woman.  The meals nourished the participants physically, while the prayer activities provided mental nourishment.

Attendees have spoken highly of their experiences.  Discussion about repeating this retreat again next year is ongoing.   Watch for future announcements.

Click here for a movie about one of the activity sessions Reinsoul Movie.

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