A TIME OF REFLECTION: Remembering Austin Schroeder


Tonight, Tuesday, April 28, 2015—7 pm

First United Methodist Church of North Liberty

Why? It’s a simple word, but a deep question we all wrestle with in life. In the case of a young person dying, the questions become amplified. Austin Schroeder passed away earlier today. Austin’s courageous and positive attitude have impacted our community in tremendous ways. His legacy will forever be the amazing love he and his family shared as they inspired us all to “Win the Day”. Even in the most devastating loss- the Schroeders sought that one positive glimmer that reminded them that love conquers all.

So tonight we gather. Families are welcome to join us in the Sanctuary at 7pm for a time of reflection and prayer with Pastor Alecia.

Also starting at 7pm, we will also have Youth team members available in the lounge for kids in grades 7-12 only. This will be a safe space to ask questions, share memories and be together.

This coming Sunday, May 3, at the 8:00 and 9:45 worship services, the sermon will be Why Didn’t God Answer this Prayer. Whether or not you knew Austin, please be in prayer for the family. Join us as we gather together as a people of faith.

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