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With the exception of May 3, we will continue the sermon series on the Holy Spirit.

Often called the “forgotten God” of the Trinity, we are winding up a six week series becoming better acquainted. As we open more of ourselves up to the power of the Spirit, our ministries are moving forward. The May schedule is as follows:

May 3            Why Didn’t God Answer This Prayer? Psalm 22:2, John 17:15-24

May 10          Baptized                                                 Romans 6:1-4, 8:1-2

May 17          God’s Will for my Life                              Acts 16:5-10

May 24          Heroes

May 31          Pentecost                                               Acts 2:1-4

The scripture is listed in case you would like to read ahead.

In light of the recent death of Austin Schroeder, we will deal with the topic of God and Suffering at the 8:00 and 9:45 am services on May 3. The question as to Why Didn’t God Answer this Prayer has come up multiple times in the past days. Let’s wrestle with this question on Sunday.


Yes, it will be on May 3! Join us on Sunday May 3 to hear the Kayros Band at the 9:45 and 11:15 services. Pastor Edgar Solis will preach at the 11:15 service. There will be a church potluck beginning at 12:30 pm. All are welcome!

Confirmation Sunday 4/12/15
Confirmation Sunday 4/12/15


We were blessed as a congregation to see 8 students confirmed on April 12.

They were:

Elizabeth Davis                         Aiden Langridge                        Rhianna Maakestad

Kiley Piercy                               Maddie Reid                             Mallory Stanfield

Kendra Triggs                           Selena Wisner

Thanks to all of the work by the mentors: Kyra Corbett, Jon Maakestad, Judy McRoberts, Judy Bornkessel, Angie Wisner, Laura Bibby, Bonnie Winslow-Garvin, Alison Demory and Carrie McKnight. This was a wonderful class of young people.

Child hands at prayer


I can’t imagine a better place than this church. When the church lives into its mission, the Spirit of God moves powerfully. On Tuesday night, April 28, we hosted a Time of Reflection in remembering 15 year old Austin Schroeder. I love being in a church than can make events happen in a timely manner. We had 100 people attend the open-ended night, almost all young people. I am grateful for an amazing staff and volunteers that changed their schedules in order to make this happen: Mandy Moellering, Josh Rath, Bev Byram-Howe, Creation Kids afternoon staff, Sharon Ingle, Dale Ingle, Lucy Hershberger and Paul Meade. We saw the Spirit of God work in the lives of young people. It was a powerful night.


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