Creation Kids May 2015

April was such a fun, busy month for us! We had a lot of events and activities during the month. The Preschoolers were learning about Easter, dinosaurs, the zoo, pets and wild animals.

ID-10031710We had a great week celebrating the Week of the Young Child.  During the week we had a fun science day, a western day filled with a lot of fun activities, movie/pizza/pajama party (they got to make their own pizzas), a fun-in-the-sun sports day, a pancake breakfast and a carnival. We had a great turn out of families that joined us for our pancake breakfast. Our Carnival was a lot of fun, the kids got to play a lot of games and play in the bouncy house. It was a great week and the kids had so much fun.

Easter Icons in color - Vintage filtered

Also this month, during Easter week, we learned all about Jesus and the story of Easter. We had a visit from Ms. Mandy, the Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries. She talked to us about Easter and all the children participated in the living last supper—served with grape juice and bread. Mandy has such an impact on the children here. The children gain so much knowledge and love from her visits. We have all enjoyed watching Ms. Mandy engage with the children and develop great relationships with our kiddos.

The last week in April we took a field trip to Beaver Park in Cedar Rapids, where we visited Old MacDonald’s Farm, played on the playground and had a picnic. We also had a visit from the University of Iowa this month. The children were able to get free vision screenings through the Lions Club. This is a great service that we are able to provide to our families.

ID-100185979The school-agers have been busy playing outside and doing some crafts/activities in the afternoons. We are looking forward to the end of the school year and changing some things around for the start of our Summer Camp. We have a great staff hired for the summer and look forward to some great minds and great knowledge to keep our Summer Camp fun and exciting. Camp Creation Nation

As we move into May we will be focusing a lot on Mother’s Day and Graduation. We will be celebrating Mother’s Day, where all moms are invited in to have muffins with their children before they go to work.ID-10060550We will be having a big Graduation celebration on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:30 pm. All families are invited to watch their children sing songs, receive a diploma, and enjoy some cupcakes and juice! It is always a great night.

ID-100220356To end out the month of May we will have an end of the year Picnic in the Park for the Preschoolers. So many busy things happening here at Creation Kids to bring out the end of the school year! This year went by so fast and we will miss all the kiddos that will be moving on to Kindergarten. We are looking forward to another fun and busy summer.


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