Sunday School Wrap-up

Another great Sunday school, Peacemakers and EPIC year has come to an end. We had a great turn
out for our Tea and Talent Show on May 17. Thanks to all of the kiddos (and Sunday school teachers) who shared their talents. It’s always fun to watch the students up on stage. Thanks to all of our parents and family members who came to be our audience as well. I would like to personally thank each of our Sunday school Teachers this year. They did such a phenomenal job, we are so blessed!
Pre- K Teachers: Dani Gryp and Breeyn Gryp
K-1st Grade Teachers: Nancee Waterbury and Teresa Ellickson
2nd-3rd Grade Teachers: Brydie Criswell and Terri Davies
4th-6th Grade Teachers: Laura Bibby and Don Triggs
Sunday School Greeter—Terri Davies
Music—Lynn Jansen
Sunday School II Teachers: Alyssa Rieckens, Jason Fangman and Bella Paz
Substitute Teachers: Carrie McKnight, Susie Robertson, Peggy Daugherty, Jacki Knorr

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