Creation Kids July Newsletter

The month of June has flown by!! We have had a great start to the summer!

We have started our Summer Camp, Camp Creation Nation, for all our School Agers. We have had a great first month! The children enjoyed learning about each other in our first week of camp called “Let’s Get Acquainted”. They had a blast on our trip to Air FX. The rest of the month they enjoyed a week about reading and books, learning some new authors and books. They also had fun with our S.T.E.A.M week with a trip to the Children’s Museum and the Great Outdoors (with days spent at Kent Park and Lake MacBride). They also have been busy at the North Liberty, Coralville and Cherry Hill pools. We have a large group of kids attending every week this summer and we are excited for the rest of the summer activities!

Our Preschoolers have kicked off their summer activities as well with swim and bike days. During swim days we let the kids play in pools, sprinklers, etc. and then on bike days we block off the south parking lot and let them ride their bikes around there. We also have some fun summer themes for the Preschoolers. Some of the things they are learning about are; summer, bugs, Father’s Day and more. We enjoyed our annual trip to Adventureland! Both locations joined us on the trip, it was a great day!

As we move into July, we will continue being busy! Our Summer Camp will be learning about our community with trips to local places in town. We will also be learning about space with a trip to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines. Also there will be a celebration of Christmas in July and the end of the month with a fun week learning about Disney and a trip to Niabi Zoo.

The Preschoolers will be learning about Independence Day, camping, picnics, the beach and the jungle. They will also be taking a day trip to Niabi Zoo this month, joining with the Coralville Preschoolers! It has been a great first part of summer and we are looking forward to all of the fun we will have the rest of it! Stay cool!!

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