Peacemakers Explore Everest

Everest taught us that God has the power to forgive. God gives us the power to forgive one another. Once we forgive, we should not carry a grudge or use information from our conflicts to hurt others in the future

The discussion of forgiveness included illustrations using snow and bubbles. Once snow melts or bubbles pop, we never see them again. Forgiveness includes letting conflicts “melt away” or “pop”. Let the information from the conflict disappear never to be seen again.

During our first activity we made snow by filling a diaper with water, cutting it open and finding “snow”. (Yes, we had a snow ball play time). We played a game using water sponges. The participants had to try to get the sponge into a bucket. If they missed the bucket, they were forgiven and allowed to roll the watermelon covered in vegetable oil, first with their feet and then their head.

Thank you to Katie and Lizzy Garvin and Kyra for their assistance. They were the ones that got sat on, not us. Thank you for Lynn Jansen’s help with getting the kids moving with the Everest songs.

Constance Wagner

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