August at Creation Kids

ID-100260408Wow! The summer has flown by. We can’t believe it is about that time to start back to school. We have had a great summer and a great month. The Preschoolers have been busy learning about the jungle, camping and the ocean. They have been spending lots of time outside, with the beautiful weather we have been having, enjoying their bike and swim days. We took all of our Preschoolers on a trip to the Niabi Zoo in Davenport It was a very hot day but the kids had a great time.ID-10091913

Camp Creation Nation has been busy and enjoying their summer as well. The month of July they were busy learning about our community with visits to Fareway and Heyn’s Ice Cream. We also learned about Space and took a trip to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines, which was a lot of fun. We celebrated Christmas in July with some roller skating, a Christmas Party and a gift exchange. Our final week was all about Disney. We learned about Disney movies, theme park and the history of Disney. The kids enjoyed a trip to Niabi Zoo this week.

August will finish up the summer preparing for the school year. Camp Creation Nation will be enjoying a Survivor week with a trip to Lost Island and an “Anything Goes” week filled with a lot of fun, creativity, adventures and more. The final week of camp we will have some fun playing TV game shows as well as a field trip bowling. The Preschoolers will be having some fun weeks ending out the summer and taking a trip to a Splash Pad to play and have a picnic. We will then start to prepare for the new school year to begin. Our new classes will start on August 24. We are looking forward to having some new faces join us this year but we sure will miss all of the ones that will be moving on to Kindergarten. It has been a great year and a great summer.ID-100330958

Creation Kids was closed on Monday, August 17 and 18 for Teacher Inservice Day/cleaning days to prepare for the new school year. We had our “Back to School Night” on Tuesday, August 18 at our Coralville location from 6:30—8:00 pm and on Wednesday, August 19 from 6:30—8:00 pm at North Liberty. This was a time for our parents and children to come in and visit with their teachers, meet new friends and see their classrooms. It was a nice time to meet everyone. Creation Kids has had a great summer and we look forward to another great school year.


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