Change A Child’s Story

One million books and one million hours for the at-risk and poverty-stricken children of Iowa – that is the goal of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church as part of the Bishop’s Poverty to Opportunity. We hope to accomplish this by June 2017. That means a lot of work but through this initiative, we hope to make a significant inroad in the fight against poverty. It is vitally important that children be reading on grade level by third grade otherwise, at this point they begin to fall further and further behind.ID-10075961
Did you know one factor in determining future prison beds is the number of children not reading at grade-level by third grade? I find that a horrifying measurement. We are asking every Methodist member to prayerfully consider and accept the challenge of being a reading partner with an at-risk child. It is one-hour per week commitment. One hour a week to divert a child from a future of poverty and/or possible prison.
Is that so much to ask? One hour a week, just one….please prayerfully consider how you might fulfill this pledge. You also just might make a new friend. There will be upcoming opportunities listed in upcoming newsletters or speak to Brenda Mayer (319-936-8118). For more information go to Poverty to Opportunity at


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