September News – Creation Kids

Our summer has come to an end and everyone is headed back to school! We ended out the summer with some parties and fun activities. We are so thrilled to start a new school year with many new faces, families and friends. Although we are sad to see some of our families leave us, as some of the children head to Kindergarten. It was a great summer filled with so much learning and fun! We can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us as we get to know everyone.

The Preschoolers had a great end to summer. They enjoyed learning about the zoo, the beach, and had a fun wacky water week. As we move into the new school year, the children had a great first week learning their classroom routines and schedules. It was great meeting everyone for our Back to School night on Wednesday, August 19. The children were all excited to meet their teachers and new friends.

As we move into September and the children are all adjusting to their classrooms they will kick off their learning with some fun themes: All About Me, Family, Alphabet and more.

We will be taking our first field trip to the Apple Orchard on September 14. On September 24 we will be having picture day! Life-touch Portraits will be coming to our center and take class pictures,individual pictures and siblings’ pictures. The kids always do so great for pictures.

The school-agers had a great time in August with a lot of trips to the pool, Planet X, bowling and Lost Island. The school-agers have started school. The children were excited to start the new school year. We will miss our summer friends, but look forward to a great year with everyone.


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