Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

Men, this spring we started a new Bible study that meets on Wednesday mornings at Hy-Vee in Coralville at 6:30 am and we have had a wonderful time getting to know one another better as well as learning from each other as we have studied the Bible. On September 2 we began a new Bible study on the book of Matthew. Matthew is the first Gospel in the New Testament and is rich in details about the life of Christ.

I encourage you to try our men’s group out if you haven’t yet; it truly is life giving to all who have joined. I am excited to begin this study of Matthew and I hope that we all can learn together. If you are hesitant, join us for 4 weeks and see if your spiritual life benefits from the time we spend together. If you can’t make it each week that’s okay, just join us when you can. We look forward to seeing you as enjoy some food, fellowship, and Bible study each Wednesday morning.

In Christ,

Pastor Josh

2 thoughts on “Men’s Breakfast Bible Study”

  1. I have started a men’s Bible study group with some coworkers. I’ve also asked some of my fellow church members to join. However, I guess due to conflicting schedules so far the group tends to have between 3 and 5 guys in it. I wish to get a few more. As of yet, we have been taking turns leading the discussion and deciding on the topic for the week. Do you think it would be more beneficial to have a set curriculum? If so, what would be a good topic to focus on?

    1. I am excited to hear about your men’s group with your coworkers. I would not be discouraged with the amount of men you have attending, sounds like you have a great core group that are getting to know one another and building strong relationships. My recommendation for curriculum would be to talk to the rest of the guys in your group. Do they like picking out their own topics to lead when it’s their turn? Or would they be more comfortable having a set schedule with a lesson plan already planned out? My recommendation would be to talk to the group and they them tell you which method they prefer. Regarding the topic, there are many great studies out there for men’s groups. I think you just have to find one you like. The other option would be to pick a book of the Bible and discuss a chapter each time you meet. I am currently leading men’s group and we are going through a book of the bible. Last spring we went through Galatians and Ephesians and this fall we are working through Matthew. I pray God continues to work through your men’s group. If you have any other questions please contact me directly at

      In Christ,

      Josh Rath


      Cooperative Parish
      New Horizons United Methodist Church
      2251 1st Ave
      Coralville, IA 52241
      (319) 351-2491
      North Liberty First United Methodist Church
      85 N. Jones Blvd.
      North Liberty, IA 52317

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