We Are Called Update

We Are Called” – Update

 North Liberty First United Methodist church is on a wonderful and exciting journey of faith!

 As of September 30, 2015

Commitments:      $1,688,172

Received               $1,174,628

Expenses:                   $96,602

(Building Design & Site Plan Costs)

 Our Vision: Growing Our Center of Mission

  • Build a new sanctuary.
  • Enlarge the education wing.
  • Expand the kitchen.
  • Providing additional adult classroom space
    and offices for our staff.

 You are encouraged to participate by

  • Staying informed of the process.
  • Praying for God’s guidance.
  • Making a commitment to the future of our church.

Current Status

  • Estimated Building Cost: $3.5 million – includes $200,000 construction drawings, permit & sound consultation
  • With commitments we have now, the church would need a $1.8 million mortgage.
  • Finance Committee feels our church congregation can support a $1 million mortgage (monthly payment of $5,300)
  • In the best interest of the church, we will continue raising funds and receiving pledges throughout the fall and winter.
  • We are confident that we will begin construction in the spring!

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