Family Ministries

Our family ministries are having an excellent school year so far. Within Children’s ministry, our nursery has begun teaching a curriculum aimed just for toddlers and little ones. Ministry to our youngest ones should not simply be childcare, it should be a launching pad for nurturing the infants and toddlers into an integral beginning—a place of prayer where young children hear the foundation Bible stories, learn simple truth statements, in a way catered to them.

Peacemakers went on an exciting adventure to the Colony Pumpkin Patch in October under the amazing leadership of Constance Wagner. Each month we are having more students come to Peacemakers as they hear their friends talk about all they fun they have had.

We are also seeing this trend at EPIC, where we are seeing our students bring more friends each week as they dive mote into the Bible than ever before! At every EPIC meeting we have over 30 students bringing their Bibles and highlighters, volunteering to read, and answering some hard questions that help them discover and own their faith. We’ve also had a lot of fun! Each week we kick off EPIC with food and high-energy games like gaga ball, twinkie football, and dodge ball.

Please take the time this week to pray for our family ministries, as we begin to put a stronger emphasis on serving families. We recognize that parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual guidance of their children, and we would like to support that effort and help maximize parents influence in their lives.

This is an exciting time to be part of family ministry, and we could not do it without all of our wonderful volunteers.

Yours In Christ,
Beth Botsford
Director of Family Ministries
Phone 626-2762

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