Change A Child’s Story – Book Update

Since Christmas Eve, we have collected 556 books! Wow!! This is in addition to the 125 books we gathered prior to Christmas.

For your information, here is where the books are heading:
Pantry – 125 books given pre-Christmas
Dream Center – 50 books for readers 4th grade and up
Pantry – an additional 145 books for all ages

Peggy Jedlicka and Judy Bornkessel are working with area schools and pre-schools to distribute the remaining gifts. ELL children will be able to pick out new books to read as well. We are planning for our Sunday school children to each be given a book to share with a friend. If you would like to join in the fun of planning and distributing books, then call Peggy or Judy and get signed up.

This church is joining with other Iowa United Methodists to collect 1,000,000 by Annual Conference 2017. In addition, we are signing people up to read, as we hope to have 1,000,000 hours of reading with or to children. Books change lives.

Keep bringing those new books. We are looking for all age levels of reading – pre-school through high school. Thanks so much.ID-10083617



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