Pantry Happenings

Review of the Past Year

In 2015, 299,000 lbs of food and toiletries and 11,000 items of clothing were distributed. The average amount of food received per visit was 34 pounsa. Also, special distributions of toiletries, coats, and socks & underwear occurred during the year.

Ilsa DeWald was hired to coordinate the Growing Together Garden, which had its first growing season in 2015, and a variety of vegetables were grown and distributed. A Pantry Farmer’s Market, which had produce donated by local gardeners, was available, and classes were given showing how to use some of the items.

Steven Williams was hired to be the Special Projects and Marketing Coordinator. The AmeriCorps Program which had provided 2 people to work in the Pantry ended September 30, and in order to continue the many activities with which Brandy and Becca had assisted, the board decided to hire someone to take over those responsibilities, as well as providing information to Pantry families and the community.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

This event was Sunday, January 17, and Red’s Alehouse catered a delicious meal. The Pantry has 140 volunteers, who logged 10,000 hours – the equivalent of 5 full-time employees. It would be impossible to do the many activities and services the Pantry offers without these dedicated people. Many of them were honored for their hours of service. For the first time, there was a volunteer who has accumulated 3000 hours.

Honored Volunteers

50 Hours: Kristen Allen, Nick Bergus, Carlyne Burge, Cindy Bys and Girl Scout Troop 1258, Kim Engler, JeanAnn James, Andy Knoedel, Cindy Malott, Linda Milder, Linda Miller, Rae Mosier, Sue Nelson, Jill Noel, Trissa
Pearson, Nancy Readman, Jeff Sorenson, Dotty Staniewska, and Joanne Tigges
100 Hours: Kristen Allen, Carlyne Burge, Don Cantrell, Clay Farebrother, Jennifer Gersten, Margaret Hennes,
Jean Ann James, Linda Miller, Sue Nelson, Jacquelyn Nielson, Sean Pearl and Jeff Sorenson
500 Hours: Barb Dixon, Jim Jedlicka, Paul Kaczinski, Drew Shaffer and Marlene White
1000 Hours: Paul McRoberts
2000 Hours: Judy McRoberts
3000 Hours: Judy Bonnet
Founders Award: Judy Bonnet and Greg Dils
Youth Award: Liz Walters

Current needs are canned meat (besides tuna), peanut butter and soup. The winter months can be difficult, and these items are important ones for feeding a family. Also, toilet paper is always needed.

The Pantry is an exciting, vital place, and volunteers are an essential part of the ministry. Volunteers are still needed, and there are places for everyone, individuals and families.

How do you serve? We are coming up on the holy season of Lent, a time of prayer and reflection, of growing closer to God, of committing our lives to become more like Christ. You can become the hands and feet of Christ by serving those members of our community who are struggling. If you aren’t able to work in the Pantry itself, upcoming projects such as the Golf Tournament on May 6th and Summer Lunch & Fun program are already being planned and in need of volunteers. The Garden, Thanksgiving in July and the Turkey Trot will be in planning stages soon.

For more information,
check our website , Facebook page (, or contact Tina at (319)626-2711 or at

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