Creation Kids News

As I start to do enrollment for our 2016-2017 school year, I am reflecting on the impact that Creation Kids has made on so many children and families over the past 16 years. Not only do we get to prepare and help children start their journey in education, but we also get the opportunity to teach them about the Bible and tell them God’s Story. We would not be
able to do this with out the support of our Church and the dedication of our staff. It is an amazing thing walking through the classroom and seeing the creativity of the lessons and activities that our teachers have planned. Their dedication to making a difference in each child’s life is truly a blessing.

Creation Kids has reached over 600 families since we opened in August 2000 between our 2
sites, and continue to have over 50 kiddos on our waiting list each year. Our teachers, are not only preparing our kiddos for Kindergarten with academics and social skills, but they also do an amazing job teaching the kids about the Bible and the importance of having Jesus in our lives. We are blessed to have each and everyone one of them, as they are making a difference each and every day.

As I continue to look at the future of Creation Kids, I think of how important a new building
would be. While still staying true to who we are in our small family friendly environment, we will have the ability to reach and teach another 20-30 kiddos. A build would allow us to add at least 2 if not 3 Preschool classrooms, and have the ability to create a permanent space for our school age kids that does not have to be moved twice a week. Our teachers will have a dedicated space to plan and create their activities, and the security of being all together in one wing. I also think of how this will also allow us to follow not only our Mission but also the Mission of the Church “To Follow and Invite Other To Follow Jesus Christ.” We are able to reach out and touch the lives of our kiddos through Bible stories, crafts, and songs. We are preparing the next generation to follow Jesus.

Michelle Eide,
Director of Creation Kids Childcare Center

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