What is our mission?

To follow and invite others to follow Jesus Christ.

What is our vision?

Recognizing the abundance of God’s amazing grace…

We celebrate: We are a collection of individuals from a diverse and evolving community with varied backgrounds and lifestyles. All of us have unique gifts from and relationships with God. All are welcome; we strive to recognize God in everyone. We are focused on the future, continuing to build on the work of previous generations and on the foundation of our joy in knowing God.

We support: United in Christ, we support each other in our journey of faith, and encourage one another to reach beyond our comfort zones. We are a thinking church. We are also a church of action, not satisfied sitting on the sidelines of our community.

We serve: We strive to let our actions speak loud and clear in North Liberty and God’s world. Before our actions can speak, we must first listen to those around us including those who are commonly unheard. God can be known to others through the actions of God’s people. We are the hands and feet of God, delivering God’s blessings to anyone in need. For even Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve.

What do United Methodists believe?
If you would like to know more about what we believe, please go to the website at Another great way to discover what we believe is to go to worship or Sunday School. We love to talk. Ask questions – anything is fair game!

How do I find out what’s happening at First United Methodist?
There are several ways to keep up on what is happening. The website has the current list of Small Groups/Activities and pamphlets are available at the Welcome Center Desk. We also put out a monthly Newsletter and weekly Companion News and paper copies are available of these as well. On Sunday mornings, check the big screens in the Sanctuary before the service for last minute announcements and a highlighted calendar of events. (sign up for that by giving us your email address on the yellow info stub sheet during service or contacting the office at : or call (319) 626-2762.)

LGBTQ June Resolution Stance
Be it resolved that the Ministry Council of First United Methodist Church in North Liberty, Iowa, supports action item #506 adopted by the 2019 Iowa Annual Conference that disapproves of the 2019 General Conference decision to adopt the doctrine known as the Traditional Plan. We believe the Traditional Plan is a distortion of the Gospels and Christ’s teachings and agree with the Iowa Annual Conference declaration that all persons are individuals of sacred worth, created in the image of God and that no human being is incompatible with Christian teaching. Members of this Ministry Council express our heartache over the way our brothers and sisters have been treated and add their voices to those at the Iowa Conference and in other United Methodist conferences who have apologized for harm the Traditional Plan has caused LGBTQ persons, their families, their friends, and the body of Christ. We urge the Iowa Conference to use our apportionments to prioritize the full funding of conference missions, new ministry starts, and clergy support before spending funds for background investigations, complaints, just resolutions, or clergy trials pertaining to LGBTQ+ ordination and marriage.

What do we have to say about today’s issues?
Read the United Methodist bishop’s letter on God’s Renewed Creation.