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North Liberty First United Methodist Church Building Use Policy

Terms and Conditions

We believe that the North Liberty United Methodist Church (NLUMC) is God’s house.  As such, it is open to all God’s children.  We invite members and non-members in the community to use this building and to feel at home here.  However we do expect all individuals and groups who use the church to be respectful and sympathetic with the principles of the United Methodist Church.

Facility reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.  All NLUMC programs take precedent provided congregational activities are scheduled in advance.

Rental Fees and Damage Deposit:  Fees will be charged according to rates stated in the Rental Agreement Contract. Remainder of rental fees and damage deposit is required at least two weeks prior to reservation date. 

Room Setup:  Arrangement of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the renter.  Renter is responsible for returning room arrangement back to original set up upon completion of use.   If additional chairs/tables are needed please work with Event Coordinator.

Clean up:  Renter responsible for room cleanliness after use which includes picking up all papers and trash, cleaning any spills or dirt tracked in, vacuuming floors and cleaning any part of the kitchen that was used including washing utensils/dishes. 

Kitchen Use:  No additional cost with rental.  Includes use of sink, stoves, and refrigerator.  May include NLUMC utensils, cups, or equipment at renter request.  We are an eco-friendly church.  We request no Styrofoam; only recyclable materials.  Recycle containers will be provided.  Renter is responsible for cleanliness after use.  Anything left in kitchen will be disposed of.  Cleanup and kitchen usage checklists will be provided.

Building Rules:  It is required that all renters abide by the set building rules – including no tobacco, alcohol, vaping or drugs. Smoking receptacles are available outside.  No firearms are permitted with the exception of professionals required to wear firearms.  Please note that other areas of the building will be open to the general public during normal business hours and are not included in room reservations unless otherwise noted.  Violation of these rules can result in loss of deposit plus any additional damage.

Parking:  Parking is not permitted in the fire lanes.

Playground Use:  The playground is available for use by renter at their own risk.  Adult supervision is required.

By signing below, I agree to the above terms and conditions if rental request is approved.  I also agree to pay for any damages.






Rental Details

Fees for Outside Groups for One-Time Use
Room DescriptionCapacityNon-Profit GroupsFor Profit GroupsDamage DepositEvent Coordinator
Fellowship Hall400$25/hr$50/hr$500$15/hr
Classroom in Adult Wing or Chapel20$10/hr$20/hrNA$15/hr
Fees for Weddings and Wedding-Related Activities
ActivityWeddings Non-Members*
Registration Fee (non-refundable)$100
Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall Room Use$1200
Wedding Coordinator (assigned)$200
Sound person/equipment (fee depends upon request)$50-$100
Custodial service$75
Musician (optional)$100
Pastor Honorarium$300

*Church Members:  Active church members are those folks who have attended NLUMC regularly for the last six months and have been actively involved in ministry and church life.  Members should contact the church office for further clarification regarding fees.

For recurring events:  There will be a three month trial period.  The Event Coordinator will attend recurring events until the Event Coordinator has determined that the group using the facility has fulfilled all requirements.  Initial contract will be for three months.  After the three months have been completed satisfactorily, another contract will be signed with mutually agreed upon completion date.

Please note:  Spaces are not available for use/rent after 6:00 PM on Saturdays.  Last start time will be 4:00 PM.


Please fill in the information below as completely as possible.  Submit to Bev, NLUMC Office Manager via email at or hard copy in person or send via USPS to North Liberty United Methodist Church, 85 North Jones Blvd, North Liberty, IA 52317.

What space are you requesting?  Will you need additional chairs and/or tables?  How many?

What date and time (start and end time) are you requesting?  Will this be a recurring event?

What is the estimated attendance?

Will you be serving food/using the kitchen?

Will you need audio/visual equipment?  If so what equipment is needed and where will it be needed?

Will you need a musician?

Provide a brief description of the activity/event.