Labyrinth Meditation – Ash Wednesday – Laberinto Meditación – Miércoles de Ceniza

The Labyrinth will be available from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Sanctuary for quiet meditation on Ash Wednesday.

Plan to attend for guided quiet meditation and receive ashes upon completion.

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El laberinto estará disponible de 6:30 a 20:00 en el santuario para la meditación tranquila el miércoles de ceniza.  Planee asistir para una meditación guiada tranquila y recibir cenizas al finalizar.

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Let’s Party – Vamos a divertirnos

Join us this Sunday February 15th for our annual Mardi Gras Celebration Service.  Our celebration will take place during the 9:45 am service.  Please wear your royal purple, bright green and gold to the celebration.  

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, in French is celebrated as the final day of Carnival.  Carnival celebrations begin on or after Epiphany and ends at midnight the day before Lent. This period of time is dotted with celebrations until Lent begins.  Many internet sites suggest that the name Fat Tuesday originated from the consumption of foods high in eggs, milk and fat.  These were foods were typically removed from the diet along with meat and celebrations for the duration of Lent.  The period of Lent ends with the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

Fat Tuesday is also known as or Shrove Tuesday.  “To shrive someone, in old-fashioned English (he shrives, he shrove, he has shriven or he shrives, he shrived, he has shrived), is to hear his acknowledgement of his sins, to assure him of God’s forgiveness, and to give him appropriate spiritual advice.” (

“On Shrove Tuesday, many Christians make a special point of self-examination, of considering what wrongs they need to repent, and what amendments of life or areas of spiritual growth they especially need to ask God’s help in dealing with. Often they consult on these matters with a spiritual counselor, or receive shrift.”  (

Únete a nosotros este domingo 15 de febrero para nuestro servicio de celebración anual de Mardi Gras. La celebración llevará a cabo durante el servicio de 9:45. Por favor use su color púrpura real, brillante de color verde y oro a la celebración.

Se celebran el último día de carnaval Mardi Gras o el martes gordo, en francés. Las fiestas de carnaval comienzan en o después de la Epifanía y termina a la medianoche el día antes de la Cuaresma. Este período de tiempo está salpicado de celebraciones hasta que comienza la Cuaresma. Muchos sitios de internet sugieren que el nombre de grasa el martes proviene del consumo de alimentos altos en grasa, la leche y los huevos. Estos fueron los alimentos típicamente fueron removidos de la dieta con carne y celebraciones para la duración de la Cuaresma. El período de la Cuaresma finaliza con la celebración de la resurrección de Cristo.

También es conocido como o grasa el martes Shrove el martes. “A alguien, en inglés anticuado shrive (él shrives, él shrove, él ha confesarse o él shrives, él hombre, él ha hombre), es oír su reconocimiento de sus pecados, para asegurarle el perdón de Dios y para darle consejo espiritual apropiado.” (

“El martes de carnaval, muchos cristianos hacen un punto especial de autoexamen, de considerar qué males tienen que arrepentirse y qué enmiendas de vida o las áreas de crecimiento espiritual que necesitan especialmente para pedir la ayuda de Dios en el trato con. A menudo ellos con sobre estos asuntos con un consejero espiritual o reciban confesión.” (

Holy Week Services

Holy Week is fast approaching. As you continue your Lenten journey, please make note of the worship opportunities happening during the week.

April 13 Palm Sunday Cantata
April 17 Maundy Thursday Service (7 pm New Horizons UMC)
April 18 Good Friday Service (7 pm North Liberty UMC)
April 20 Easter Morning
6:14 am Sunrise Service
7:00 am Potluck Breakfast
8:00 am Traditional Worship
9:45 am Blended Worship
11:15 am Bilingual Worship Continue reading “Holy Week Services”

Las Posada

The Posada is a traditional Christmas celebration which is celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The Christmas Posada expresses perfectly the suspense and surprises of the season. It is a prayer, a play, a party and a gathering for families, parishes and whole communities. It is a celebration that children and adults can enjoy together, as well as those from all different cultural backgrounds. The Posada will be held on December 22 at 11:15 am, with a pot-luck to follow.

Imagine No Malaria

Imagine No Malaria is our Christmas project this year.  For just $10 you can purchase and insecticide-treated bed net.  Your gift will help reach the goal of 2 million nets to protect families and save lives.  Just a few short years ago, statistics showed a child died every 30 seconds of malaria.  Today, because of your dedicated and generous support, malaria’s impact has been cut in half.  According to the World Health Organization, this disease now claims a life every 60 seconds.  Watch for more information as we continue into the Christmas season.

Putting God First in Living and Giving

Do we worship idols? The answer may surprise you.

During the month of November, our church will hear about God’s generosity and our response as we experience our stewardship program, first: putting GOD first in living and giving, developed by author and pastor Mike Slaughter of Ginghamsburg Church. There will be opportunities in worship, in small groups, and in devotions that can be used at church or at home. Continue reading “Putting God First in Living and Giving”

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