Creation Kids January News

Happy New Year!

 The Holidays are such a great time here. We were very busy celebrating Christmas and the New Year The Preschoolers had a great time learning all about the birth of Jesus and making lots of Christmas crafts.

Our Christmas Program is such a heart warming time, everyone coming together to celebrate their children and Christmas. We had our largest turn out ever of about 350 people (250 from North Liberty and 100 from Coralville). We are blessed to have such wonderful families in our program. The Preschoolers entertained us with their songs. The School-agers sang a few songs and did a great job playing the Chime Bars. A special thank you to Lynn Jansen for volunteering her time throughout the year to teach the children chime bars. They all did a wonderful job and look forward to their practices every week. A  special thank you to Dale Ingle for running our music and sound for the night. It was a great night and all the children did a wonderful job.

We also had a great turn out for our Parent’s Night Out. We had over 100 children here that night from both centers. It was so much fun having both centers together, playing and meeting everyone. The children enjoyed playing with their friends, eating pizza, and watching a movie.

Our Santa’s Workshop was a big hit. We had a large turn out for this as well. We had a lot of families from both centers come in and participate in the crafts and activities we had planned. Santa Claus was a hit too. The kids loved seeing him and taking pictures. It was such a great time with a lot of our families.

The School-agers were excited for their Christmas Break. They kept busy making crafts, swimming and playing outside.

As we move into January the Preschoolers will be learning about heroes of the Old Testament, colors, shapes, opposites outer space, winter and arctic animals, families and much more. Also in January they will be taking a field trip to the Synergy Gymnastics.

The School Agers will be keeping busy with some fun crafts, games and trying to get outside.

We would like to wish you all a very blessed new year and thank you all for your continued support!!!


Creation Kids December News

It is hard to believe that it is December and Christmas is just around the corner. As we look back through November, the Preschoolers learned about manners, super heroes, Noah’s Ark, Old Testament Heroes, 5 senses, how we are all different, and Thanksgiving. They also spent lots of time working on letter sounds and how to
write them. We also got to go on a field trip to Air FX to burn off some energy, and
the kids had a blast. We had a great time at our annual Thanksgiving lunch with our families. We served 100 people; turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, applesauce and rolls. Wow, that was a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes!! We are so thankful all the WONDERFUL kiddos and families we serve on a daily basis, and our AMAZING teachers that give so much to the kids each day.
Thank you all!!!
Our Before and After School Kids have enjoyed the amazing November weather we were blessed with by spending some extra time outside. We started our Chime Bar Group with Miss Lynn, and have been enjoying time spent with playing with friends and doing homework. December will be busy preparing for our the special events, and look forward to serving the 100 plus kiddos this weekend at Santa’s Workshop and Parents Night Out. All Church and Creation Kids Families are welcome to join us at our Santa’s Workshop; Saturday, December 5th from 9:00-12:00 for a ton of crafts and a visit with Santa. The Cost is $5.00 per child to help cover the cost of materials. The Preschoolers and School Age kiddos are practicing singing their Christmas Songs for our Annual Christmas Program on December 18th. We also look forward to hearing our School Age Chime Bar Group play their songs with Miss Lynn. The Preschoolers will be learning about Christmas, Jonah and the Whale, Baby Jesus, Holidays Around the World, winter, and The Reason for the Season.
Creation Kids did their Annual Cookie Dough Fund Raiser and added Tupperware
in this year and added Tupperware in this year and made almost $3000 to put towards additional playground equipment


Creation Kids November News

ID-100173885   October is always such a fun and busy month for us at Creation Kids. The Preschoolers were busy learning about Fire Safety and enjoyed a field trip to the Coralville Fire Station. They also had an eventful week learning about Community Helpers. They had a visit from a dentist and a trip to Olive Garden and Fareway. They all had a great time this week.

ID-100196030They finished out the month learning about fall, pumpkins, and Halloween. We also enjoyed a field trip to Bloomsbury Farms Pumpkin Patch. We combined both sites and Coralville and North Liberty went on the same day. It was a great day, though very windy. The children enjoyed a lot of activities and lunch in the barn. It is always a fun trip to the pumpkin patch.

ID-100362062The preschoolers had a great time during our Halloween Party. They were all dressed in their costumes. We had a costume parade through the church, played some games and activities, went on a scavenger hunt and more.

ID-100119091As we move into November the Preschoolers will keep busy with moving into the Holiday season. We will be learning about families, Thanksgiving and what we are all thankful for. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. All of our parents and grandparents are invited to come in and join their child for a Thanksgiving Dinner.

The school age children have been keeping busy after school with doing their homework, spending lots of time outside and enjoying it. Although with the cool weather quickly approaching, staying outside all afternoon won’t last much longer. We will be spending more time inside with the cooler months which means a lot of indoor games and activities as well as having a craft for them to do each afternoon. It’s something to keep them busy and have fun after their long day of school.

Hand BellChime Bars has started and is going very well. The children are excited every Wednesday to practice. We look forward to having them perform at our Christmas Program.

We are having a Cookie Dough Fundraiser and Tupperware fundraiser that will end November 2 and the cookie dough is set to arrive November 19 and the Tupperware to arrive 4—6 weeks after the end date. There will be some order forms in the Narthex if you would like to purchase any. All proceeds will go towards new playground equipment.

Thank you for your support!


Creation Kids October News

We have had a great start to the new school year. All the children are adjusting well and already learning quickly. The children and teachers have been spending a lot of time getting to know each other.
The Preschoolers enjoyed their first field trip of the year, visiting Wilson’s Apple Orchard. It was a perfect day and they had an excellent time going on a wagon ride, tasting and picking apples. They also took a trip to the Coralville Fire Station and learned about fire safety, what to do if there is a fire and ways to practice fire safety at home. They have also been busy learning about family, friends, fall and much more.

We recently had picture day, where each child and their siblings could get there picture taken here by Life Touch. We took some class pictures too. They all did a great job smiling for the camera.

At the end of the month we will also be offering through the University of Iowa, free speech and hearing tests to all our Preschool children. This is a great thing that we are happy to offer to our parents and children in our program.

The BASP program has been very busy too. They have been enjoying their outside time after school, since it has been so nice out. We have all finally adjusted to the new school schedules and getting a routine in place for after school.

October will be a very busy, fun month. The Preschoolers will be learning all about dental hygiene, pumpkins, community helpers, and Halloween. They will be getting visits from a dentist, a nurse, and trip to the Olive Garden and Fareway to tour a restaurant and grocery store. Another field trip they will get to enjoy this month will be to Bloomsbury Farms Pumpkin Patch. Where we will take a tractor ride, pick pumpkins, see the petting zoo, have lunch in a barn and much more.

At the end of the month we will get to celebrate Halloween with a party and a parade for the children to dress up in their costumes. The school-agers will get to make some Halloween crafts. They will also get to enjoy their own Halloween party.

Have a great month!

Creation Kids Childcare

September News – Creation Kids

Our summer has come to an end and everyone is headed back to school! We ended out the summer with some parties and fun activities. We are so thrilled to start a new school year with many new faces, families and friends. Although we are sad to see some of our families leave us, as some of the children head to Kindergarten. It was a great summer filled with so much learning and fun! We can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us as we get to know everyone.

The Preschoolers had a great end to summer. They enjoyed learning about the zoo, the beach, and had a fun wacky water week. As we move into the new school year, the children had a great first week learning their classroom routines and schedules. It was great meeting everyone for our Back to School night on Wednesday, August 19. The children were all excited to meet their teachers and new friends.

As we move into September and the children are all adjusting to their classrooms they will kick off their learning with some fun themes: All About Me, Family, Alphabet and more.

We will be taking our first field trip to the Apple Orchard on September 14. On September 24 we will be having picture day! Life-touch Portraits will be coming to our center and take class pictures,individual pictures and siblings’ pictures. The kids always do so great for pictures.

The school-agers had a great time in August with a lot of trips to the pool, Planet X, bowling and Lost Island. The school-agers have started school. The children were excited to start the new school year. We will miss our summer friends, but look forward to a great year with everyone.


August at Creation Kids

ID-100260408Wow! The summer has flown by. We can’t believe it is about that time to start back to school. We have had a great summer and a great month. The Preschoolers have been busy learning about the jungle, camping and the ocean. They have been spending lots of time outside, with the beautiful weather we have been having, enjoying their bike and swim days. We took all of our Preschoolers on a trip to the Niabi Zoo in Davenport It was a very hot day but the kids had a great time.ID-10091913

Camp Creation Nation has been busy and enjoying their summer as well. The month of July they were busy learning about our community with visits to Fareway and Heyn’s Ice Cream. We also learned about Space and took a trip to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines, which was a lot of fun. We celebrated Christmas in July with some roller skating, a Christmas Party and a gift exchange. Our final week was all about Disney. We learned about Disney movies, theme park and the history of Disney. The kids enjoyed a trip to Niabi Zoo this week.

August will finish up the summer preparing for the school year. Camp Creation Nation will be enjoying a Survivor week with a trip to Lost Island and an “Anything Goes” week filled with a lot of fun, creativity, adventures and more. The final week of camp we will have some fun playing TV game shows as well as a field trip bowling. The Preschoolers will be having some fun weeks ending out the summer and taking a trip to a Splash Pad to play and have a picnic. We will then start to prepare for the new school year to begin. Our new classes will start on August 24. We are looking forward to having some new faces join us this year but we sure will miss all of the ones that will be moving on to Kindergarten. It has been a great year and a great summer.ID-100330958

Creation Kids was closed on Monday, August 17 and 18 for Teacher Inservice Day/cleaning days to prepare for the new school year. We had our “Back to School Night” on Tuesday, August 18 at our Coralville location from 6:30—8:00 pm and on Wednesday, August 19 from 6:30—8:00 pm at North Liberty. This was a time for our parents and children to come in and visit with their teachers, meet new friends and see their classrooms. It was a nice time to meet everyone. Creation Kids has had a great summer and we look forward to another great school year.


Creation Kids July Newsletter

The month of June has flown by!! We have had a great start to the summer!

We have started our Summer Camp, Camp Creation Nation, for all our School Agers. We have had a great first month! The children enjoyed learning about each other in our first week of camp called “Let’s Get Acquainted”. They had a blast on our trip to Air FX. The rest of the month they enjoyed a week about reading and books, learning some new authors and books. They also had fun with our S.T.E.A.M week with a trip to the Children’s Museum and the Great Outdoors (with days spent at Kent Park and Lake MacBride). They also have been busy at the North Liberty, Coralville and Cherry Hill pools. We have a large group of kids attending every week this summer and we are excited for the rest of the summer activities!

Our Preschoolers have kicked off their summer activities as well with swim and bike days. During swim days we let the kids play in pools, sprinklers, etc. and then on bike days we block off the south parking lot and let them ride their bikes around there. We also have some fun summer themes for the Preschoolers. Some of the things they are learning about are; summer, bugs, Father’s Day and more. We enjoyed our annual trip to Adventureland! Both locations joined us on the trip, it was a great day!

As we move into July, we will continue being busy! Our Summer Camp will be learning about our community with trips to local places in town. We will also be learning about space with a trip to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines. Also there will be a celebration of Christmas in July and the end of the month with a fun week learning about Disney and a trip to Niabi Zoo.

The Preschoolers will be learning about Independence Day, camping, picnics, the beach and the jungle. They will also be taking a day trip to Niabi Zoo this month, joining with the Coralville Preschoolers! It has been a great first part of summer and we are looking forward to all of the fun we will have the rest of it! Stay cool!!

June at Creation Kids

June will kick off our summer at Creation Kids! May was a busy and eventful month for us all!

The Preschoolers spent most of there time learning about ocean, bugs, pets, and more. We also celebrated our moms this month and our Preschool Graduation. Many of our Preschoolers will be going to Kindergarten in the fall. We had a fun week getting ready for our Preschool Graduation night. The children did a great job singing songs and putting on a show for their families.
We are sad to see many of our preschoolers leave us for the summer but look forward
to some new faces we will meet for summer and fall.

As we move into June we will learn about summer, celebrate Father’s Day, and more! In June is our annual Adventureland Trip. We are looking forward to a great trip with our families here at Creation Kids North Liberty and Coralville site.

The Preschoolers will be starting there swim and water days here for the summer. The children get to bring in their bikes once a week and ride in the blocked off parking lot. For water days, we put up pools, waterslides and sprinklers for them to play in! Camp Creation Nation will be starting in June! We have full enrollment for the summer with about 40-45 kids every week! There are a lot of fun activities and field trips planned for June. The themes for June are a getting to know each other week, a reading week (focused on books, reading, famous authors, a book fair) and much more!

Also in June we will have a theme on S.T.E.A.M where we will focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math. We will end the month with week in the Great Outdoors with a field trip to Lake MacBride and Kent Park. There will also be field trips to North Liberty and Coralville Pools as well as Cherry Hill Pool in Cedar Rapids.

We look forward to a great summer with everyone!!

Creation Kids May 2015

April was such a fun, busy month for us! We had a lot of events and activities during the month. The Preschoolers were learning about Easter, dinosaurs, the zoo, pets and wild animals.

ID-10031710We had a great week celebrating the Week of the Young Child.  During the week we had a fun science day, a western day filled with a lot of fun activities, movie/pizza/pajama party (they got to make their own pizzas), a fun-in-the-sun sports day, a pancake breakfast and a carnival. We had a great turn out of families that joined us for our pancake breakfast. Our Carnival was a lot of fun, the kids got to play a lot of games and play in the bouncy house. It was a great week and the kids had so much fun.

Easter Icons in color - Vintage filtered

Also this month, during Easter week, we learned all about Jesus and the story of Easter. We had a visit from Ms. Mandy, the Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries. She talked to us about Easter and all the children participated in the living last supper—served with grape juice and bread. Mandy has such an impact on the children here. The children gain so much knowledge and love from her visits. We have all enjoyed watching Ms. Mandy engage with the children and develop great relationships with our kiddos.

The last week in April we took a field trip to Beaver Park in Cedar Rapids, where we visited Old MacDonald’s Farm, played on the playground and had a picnic. We also had a visit from the University of Iowa this month. The children were able to get free vision screenings through the Lions Club. This is a great service that we are able to provide to our families.

ID-100185979The school-agers have been busy playing outside and doing some crafts/activities in the afternoons. We are looking forward to the end of the school year and changing some things around for the start of our Summer Camp. We have a great staff hired for the summer and look forward to some great minds and great knowledge to keep our Summer Camp fun and exciting. Camp Creation Nation

As we move into May we will be focusing a lot on Mother’s Day and Graduation. We will be celebrating Mother’s Day, where all moms are invited in to have muffins with their children before they go to work.ID-10060550We will be having a big Graduation celebration on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:30 pm. All families are invited to watch their children sing songs, receive a diploma, and enjoy some cupcakes and juice! It is always a great night.

ID-100220356To end out the month of May we will have an end of the year Picnic in the Park for the Preschoolers. So many busy things happening here at Creation Kids to bring out the end of the school year! This year went by so fast and we will miss all the kiddos that will be moving on to Kindergarten. We are looking forward to another fun and busy summer.


Creation Kids April 2015


March has been a busy month for us and April looks like it will be just as busy!

During March the Preschoolers learned about Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick’s Day, spring and weather. During Dr. Seuss week we had parents come in and read Dr. Seuss books to their child’s class. The kids really enjoyed this and were able to hear a lot of different Dr. Seuss books. We ended the week with a pajama party, watching the movie “Horton Hears A Who” and playing some silly games.

Our week learning about St. Patrick’s Day was fun.  A little Leprechaun played a lot of tricks on us this week.  We tried really hard to catch him on Tuesday during our party but he left us a scavenger hunt and a small helping of his pot of gold.  The final week in March the Preschoolers were busy learning about weather.  We had a visit from Meteorologist Justin Gehrts from KCRG come in and talk to the children about weather! The kids loved having him here.

The school agers enjoyed there week off during spring break.  We took a walk down to Quail Ridge Park, had a picnic and played. They also enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day party full of games and a Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt. Chime Bars ended on March 11 with a field trip to Windmill Manor in Coralville.  They played some songs for them and after Lynn took them out for ice cream.  A special thank you to Lynn Jansen for volunteering her time and giving the children in our program a great learning experience.  The kids really enjoy it and we are so blessed to be able to give them this opportunity.

ID-100219782As we move into April, the Preschoolers will be learning about pets, celebrating the week of the young child and Easter.  During the week of the young child we will have a lot of activities this week for the kids and families.  We will be having a pancake breakfast on Wednesday, April 15 from 6:30—8:30 am for all of our families. On Friday, April 17 we will have a Kids Carnival, a morning full of games, activities and a bouncy house! To end out the month we invite all of our families enrolled to join us for a family event at Sky Zone in Cedar Rapids. We look forward to a fun family event with all of our families! We will also be busy this month with Vision Screenings. This is a great, free service that we can offer to all of our families. We will also celebrate Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt.

The school agers will continue to play outside as the weather gets nicer! The end of the school year is coming up fast! We have started our enrollment for Summer Camp. It looks to be another fun-filled summer with a lot of exciting field trips and activities!  The children are excited to start their summer, as are we.

We hope you all had a Happy Easter!!!

Creation Kids

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