Do You Love to Cook? – ¿Es usted gusta cocinar?

Creation Kids North Liberty is currently looking to hire a full time cook.  The hours would be 7:30-2:30 Monday through Friday. Please email or call Michelle or Amy at

Creation Kids Coralville is looking for someone that would be interested in helping out with cooking through the month of March. Our current cook Pauline will be having Knee Replacement Surgery next week.  She will be out for at least 8 weeks.   We are willing to work with schedules even if it is a few days each week.  Please email or call Michelle or Amy at

Creation Kids News

January was a great month! The Preschoolers have been busy learning about music, oceans, penguins, science, opposites, numbers and shapes. They took a field trip to the Iowa Gym Nest, which was fun! They have been able to get outside and play, but they would like more snow to play in!

The school agers have been enjoying playing outside after school. They have also been busy doing some art activities too! Chime bars is continuing and they are learning some new songs. Continue reading “Creation Kids News”

Creation Kids January News

Happy New Year! Wow, the Holidays were such a great time here! We were very busy celebrating Christmas and the New Year!

The Preschoolers had a great time learning all about the birth of Jesus and making lots of Christmas crafts!

Our Christmas Program was a success with another great turn out of about 300 people! It is such a heart warming time, everyone coming together to celebrate their children and Christmas! We are blessed to have such wonderful families! The Preschoolers entertained us with their songs. The School Agers sang a few songs and did a great job playing the Chime Bars. Continue reading “Creation Kids January News”