Sunday School Begins

Fall Schedule


8:00 AM        Traditional  worship in sanctuary

 8:45 AM      Pre-school – First Grade music in Music Room

                      2nd Grade – 6th Grade music in the MOC

                      Adult Classes begin

 9:00 AM             Children’s Sunday School begins

9:30 AM              All Sunday School classes end

 9:45  AM            Contemporary worship in sanctuary

 11:00 AM           Bible study in Spanish in the MOC

                              (Estudio bíblico en español en el MOC.)

Spanish Bible Study- Estudio de la Biblia en Español

Join us for a Spanish Bible Study on Sunday mornings.

The study will be led by Omar Paz and Lino Padillo.

The Bible study will meet in the MOC building.

Únase a nosotros para un estudio de la Biblia español el domingos por la mañana.

El estudio será dirigido por Omar Paz y Lino Padillo.

El estudio de la Biblia se reunirá en el edificio de MOC.

Cinco de Mayo

Then third service at First United Methodist Church North Liberty enjoys the benefit of a bilingual service.

Join us on Sunday May 3rd at both the 9:45 and 11:15 services to hear praises sung by Kayros, a Latino praise band from The San Pablo Church in Muscatine.

A “Cinco de Mayo” themed potluck will follow the 11:15 service.  Join us in celebration with our Latino members.

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El tercer servicio en First United Methodist iglesia North Liberty goza de los beneficios de un servicio bilingüe.

Únete a nosotros el domingo 3 de mayo a las 9:45 y 11:15 servicios escuchar alabanzas cantadas por Kayros, un grupo de alabanza Latino de la iglesia de San Pablo en Muscatine.

Una cena temática “Cinco de Mayo” seguirán las 11:15 servicio. Únase a nosotros en la celebración con nuestros miembros latinos.<br> <br>Foto por:


Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in North Liberty


The First United Methodist Church of North Liberty sponsored a community forum to explore cultural and ethnic diversity in North Liberty.  The event had 85 people in attendance as well as KCRG and KGAN news crews.

The evening opened with a prayer, seeking blessings for the evening, provided by Reverend Alecia Williams.

Lyle Muller, moderated the event.  He stated that the purpose of the gathering was to have a dialogue about cultural and ethnic diversity in North Liberty.  The hope was to reach conclusions about and determine the steps that should take place as we move forward.

Lyle introduced the members of the panel and provided 5 to 7 minutes for each panelist to share their opinions about diversity and issues for consideration during the forum.

IMG_2423From Left to right:

  • Sabrena Shields is a North Liberty resident and social worker whose work puts her in contact with North Liberty families.  Sabrena stated that housing for lower income needs to be more spread out.  A movement away from the “pockets” allowing the younger generation to live by the maxim, “to do better, see better.”  She also shared the necessity of the residents to “talk to each other.”  Get to know the people in your neighborhood.
  • Chad D. Simmons is the Executive Director of Diversity Focus.  Their offices are located in Cedar Rapids.  They take the lead in promoting diversity, cultural awareness and inclusion in the Corridor.  Chad stated that in order to “make this a place where everybody feels welcome,”  issues of infrastructure, transportation, housing, education and positive relationships with the police need to be considered.  “We don’t want people outside our community to dictate what happens within our community.”
  • Diane Venenga has been the Chief of Police in North Liberty for approximately a year.  She shared that she is excited for the opportunities available for the relatively young and growing police force.  The force has no ingrained traditions allowing for the freedom to create their own legacy.  She shared that the officers feel like and want to be “guardians of the community.”
  • Tina DuBois is the Executive Director of the North Liberty Community Pantry.  Tina shared that poverty crosses all boundaries, urban, rural, and all ethnicities.  She stated, like Dr Suess that “we are all different but we are all the same.”  The way to realize this statement is to speak to one another and share our stories.
  • Omar Paz is a Hispanic Lay Minister at the First United Methodist Church and the East Central District of the United Methodist Church.  Omar arrived in Iowa 20 years ago and has seen North Liberty grow very fast.  He encourages everyone to create relationship “bridges” with each other.  During his work with the ELL (English Language Learners) he teaches the importance of making relationships, friends and loving one another.  He closed with a quote from Mark 12:31, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  “If we can love each other we can be a better community.”

The discussion was then opened to the people in attendance.  Issues discussed related to housing issues, police interactions and accepting one another.

The city is growing quickly. Seven times as many people live there now than did 30 years ago.

The final question of the night was: What do we need to do now?  Aldine Bell, one of the organizers, provided a call to action statement.  “Don’t have someone create change for you, you can create your own change.”  She asked all participants to meet one new person before you leave and think about volunteering for future discussions.  Individuals interested in participating in future discussions can follow News on the church website, Facebook, Twitter @NLMthdstChrch

In conclusion, First United Methodist Church would like to thank Aldine Bell, Michael Garvin, Dave Jansen, Lyle Muller, Omar Paz and Alecia Williams for organizing this forum.  Thank you to the panelists, participants and invited guests.  Thank you to those responsible for refreshments, daycare, publicity, set-up, sound, translation and video.

To view the reports given by news crews present, click on the following links.  KCRG9  CBS2/FOX28


Calling all Photographers – Llamando a todos los fotógrafos

How can we take our invitation to follow Jesus Christ to the next level?  How can we show how we love one another and spread that love around?  The website is showing an increase in the number of visitors.  The people visiting are bookmarking the website so they may return to see what new activities and articles we are providing.

Our church is a very busy place. We have many ministries, groups, classes and activities occurring weekly.  We have the construction on the expansion coming up this summer.  The contruction will spread our groups and meetings to different meeting places.

We have handheld cameras and cameras on our phones.  I invite everyone to explore their inner photographer.  Are you attending a small group?  Can you take a photograph with some of the persons that receive assistance from our ministries?  Are you feeling “silly” while enjoying fellowship?  Take some pictures and send them along with a note to tell me about them.  I can then share them on the website and invite others to join us as we follow Jesus Christ.

The pictures and descriptions can be sent to Christine Langridge at

¿Cómo podemos tomar nuestra invitación a seguir a Jesucristo al siguiente nivel? ¿Cómo podemos mostrar cómo amamos uno al otro y propagación que aman alrededor? El sitio web muestra un aumento en el número de visitantes. Las personas que visitan son marcadores del sitio web para que puedan volver a ver qué nuevas actividades y artículos que estamos proporcionando.

Nuestra iglesia es un lugar muy concurrido. Tenemos muchos ministerios, grupos, clases y actividades que ocurren semanalmente. Tenemos la construcción de la expansión de este verano. La construcción extenderá a nuestros grupos y reuniones a diferentes lugares.

Tenemos portátiles y cámaras en nuestros teléfonos. Invito a todos a explorar su fotógrafo interno. ¿Que está asistiendo a un pequeño grupo? ¿Puedes tomar una fotografía con algunas de las personas que reciben asistencia de nuestros ministerios? ¿Se siente “tonto” mientras disfruta de becas? Tomar fotos y enviarlas junto con una nota que decirme acerca de ellos. Puedo compartirlos en la web y luego invitar a otros a unirse a nosotros mientras seguimos a Jesucristo.

Las fotos y descripciones pueden enviarse a Christine Langridge en

Soup and Sandwich Dinner – Sopa y Sandwich Cena

Lamplighters Soup and Sandwich Dinner

Come and share your favorite soup or sandwiches and enjoy a fun evening with friends.

February 21 at 5:30 pm

The home of Richard & Cathy Grugin,

1570 Deerfield Dr. W in North Liberty

RSVP to 319-248-3535.

Lamplighters Sopa y Sandwich Cena

Ven y comparte tu sopa favorita o sándwiches y disfrutar de una noche de diversión con los amigos.

21 de febrero a las 5:30 pm

La casa de Richard & Cathy Grugin,

1570 Deerfield Dr. W en North Liberty

RSVP a 319-248-3535.

Help! – Ayuda!

The Community Forum, “How Do You Envision an Inclusive North Liberty?” on February 17 from 7 to 8:30 pm


We are in need of people to greet our guests.


We also need cookies or bars for snacking.

Please sign up on the info stub during worship services or call the church office at 319-626-2762.

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El Foro de la comunidad, ¿Cómo imaginas un Inclusive North Liberty?”, El 17 de febrero a partir de 7 a 8:30 pm

Estamos en la necesidad de la gente para recibir a nuestros huéspedes.

También necesitamos galletas o barras para una merienda.

Por favor ingresa en la información de los talones durante los servicios de adoración o llame a la oficina de la iglesia al 319-626-2762.

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Inter-congregational Women’s Brunch – Desayuno-almuerzo femenino interde la congregaciónes

New Horizons United Methodist Women is hosting a brunch on March 7th at 10:00.  The speaker is Frederick Newell from the Iowa City Dream Center.  The Dream Center is a community organization that strengthens and empowers families through their programs directed at fathers and youth.  The program will also include a dance performance by 15 youth from the organization.
Plan to attend and enjoy fellowship between New Horizons and First United Methodist Church of North Liberty.

Please RSVP to Christine Langridge at by March 1.

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Nuevos Horizontes Mujeres del Metodista Unidas se aloja un brunch el 7 marzo a las 10:00 horas. El orador es Frederick Newell del Centro del Sueño de Iowa City. El Centro del Sueño es una organización comunitaria que refuerza y fortalece a las familias a través de sus programas dirigidos a los padres y a los jóvenes. El programa incluirá también un baile de 15 jóvenes de la organización. Plan para asistir y disfrutar la comunión entre Nuevos Horizontes y la Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida de North Liberty. Por favor, respondan a Christine Langridge en 1 de marzo.

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Let’s Party – Vamos a divertirnos

Join us this Sunday February 15th for our annual Mardi Gras Celebration Service.  Our celebration will take place during the 9:45 am service.  Please wear your royal purple, bright green and gold to the celebration.  

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, in French is celebrated as the final day of Carnival.  Carnival celebrations begin on or after Epiphany and ends at midnight the day before Lent. This period of time is dotted with celebrations until Lent begins.  Many internet sites suggest that the name Fat Tuesday originated from the consumption of foods high in eggs, milk and fat.  These were foods were typically removed from the diet along with meat and celebrations for the duration of Lent.  The period of Lent ends with the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

Fat Tuesday is also known as or Shrove Tuesday.  “To shrive someone, in old-fashioned English (he shrives, he shrove, he has shriven or he shrives, he shrived, he has shrived), is to hear his acknowledgement of his sins, to assure him of God’s forgiveness, and to give him appropriate spiritual advice.” (

“On Shrove Tuesday, many Christians make a special point of self-examination, of considering what wrongs they need to repent, and what amendments of life or areas of spiritual growth they especially need to ask God’s help in dealing with. Often they consult on these matters with a spiritual counselor, or receive shrift.”  (

Únete a nosotros este domingo 15 de febrero para nuestro servicio de celebración anual de Mardi Gras. La celebración llevará a cabo durante el servicio de 9:45. Por favor use su color púrpura real, brillante de color verde y oro a la celebración.

Se celebran el último día de carnaval Mardi Gras o el martes gordo, en francés. Las fiestas de carnaval comienzan en o después de la Epifanía y termina a la medianoche el día antes de la Cuaresma. Este período de tiempo está salpicado de celebraciones hasta que comienza la Cuaresma. Muchos sitios de internet sugieren que el nombre de grasa el martes proviene del consumo de alimentos altos en grasa, la leche y los huevos. Estos fueron los alimentos típicamente fueron removidos de la dieta con carne y celebraciones para la duración de la Cuaresma. El período de la Cuaresma finaliza con la celebración de la resurrección de Cristo.

También es conocido como o grasa el martes Shrove el martes. “A alguien, en inglés anticuado shrive (él shrives, él shrove, él ha confesarse o él shrives, él hombre, él ha hombre), es oír su reconocimiento de sus pecados, para asegurarle el perdón de Dios y para darle consejo espiritual apropiado.” (

“El martes de carnaval, muchos cristianos hacen un punto especial de autoexamen, de considerar qué males tienen que arrepentirse y qué enmiendas de vida o las áreas de crecimiento espiritual que necesitan especialmente para pedir la ayuda de Dios en el trato con. A menudo ellos con sobre estos asuntos con un consejero espiritual o reciban confesión.” (

Additional Prayers – Oraciones adicionales

The Prayer Team will be setting up a prayer station on February 28th in preparation for Commitment Sunday.  The station will be open in the Library.  Hours will be from 8am until 10pm.  Please feel free to stop in for additional prayers as you prepare for Commitment Sunday.  For further questions or assistance you may contact Sue Meade at

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El equipo de oración será la creación de una estación de oración el 28 de febrero en la preparación de Compromiso Domingo. La estación estará abierta en la Biblioteca. Horario será de 8 am hasta las 22:00. Por favor, siéntase libre de pasar por oraciones adicionales mientras se prepara para Domingo de Compromiso. Para preguntas o ayuda puede contactar Sue Meade en

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