“Each one of us has a body with many parts, and these parts all have different uses. In the same way, we are many, but in Christ we are all one body. Each one is a part of that body, and each part belongs to the other parts. We all have different gifts, each of which came because of the grace God gave us.” (Romans 12: 4-6 NCV)

“The whole body depends on Christ, and all parts of the body are joined and held together. Each part does its own work to make the whole body grow and be strong with love.” (Ephesians 4: 16 NCV)

Many ministries within our church need us to do our part to make the whole body grow and be strong. How do our Spiritual Gifts fit the needs of The First United Methodist Church of North Liberty body? How can we help the body grow and continue its ministries?

Not sure what your Spiritual gifts are?  Spiritual Gifts: The United Methodist Church provides a link to a page on the United Methodist Church Website. There are many articles that will provide information as you explore your Spiritual Gifts. The Spiritual Gifts Assessment is also available.

Are you still in need of assistance? Contact the church office at (319) 626-2762 or

Ministry Opportunities


  1. Mailings – Help with office mailings. Contact: Bev Byram at
  2. Membership Secretary Contact: Bev Byram at
  3. Historian – written records of ministries Contact: Alecia Williams at
  4. Finance Contact: Jim Carter at
  5. Stewardship Contact: Paul Meade
  6. SPRC – Personnel Contact: Richard Grugin
  7. Communication – Website/ Social Media Contact: Christine Langridge at
  8. Capital Appeal Contact: Dick Bornkessel


  1. Stephen Ministry – Congregational Care Contact:   Jim and Betty Mitchell
  2. College Care Packages Contact: Lynn Jansen at
  3. Funeral Dinners Contact: Rita Jensen
  4. Intercessory Prayer Team Contact: Sue Meade at
  5. Card Ministry Contact: Bev Byram at
  6. Welcome Card Ministry Contact: Robbie Donahue
  7. Creating Cards for Ministry Contact: Suzie Nielsen
  8. Prayer Shawl Ministry Contact: Bev Byram at
  9. Heavenly Sweets Contact: Sharon Ingle
  10. Reachers Contact: Deb Picone


  1. Children’s Ministry Contact: Beth Botsford at
  2. Children’s Sunday School Teacher Contact: Beth Botsford at
  3. Vacation Bible School Contact: Dani Gryp
  4. Peacemakers –4th-6th Grade Ministry Contact: Jenn Steburg at
  5. Epic Youth Ministry Contact: Beth Botsford at
  6. Youth Mission Trip Sponsor Contact: Lucy Hershberger
  7. Confirmation: Contact: Beth Botsford at
  8. Nursery Workers Contact: Beth Botsford at
  9. Small Group and Adult Education Contact: Lynn Jansen at
  10. Creation Kids Contact: Michelle Eide


  1. Food and Clothing Pantry Volunteer Contact: Tina Dubois
  2. Bike Ministry Contact: Gordon Doak
  3. Hispanic Ministry Contact: Omar Paz
  4. Make a Difference Community Days Contact: Bev Byram at
  5. Free Lunch Program Contact: Deb Picone at
  6. English Language Learners Volunteers Contact: Beth Botsford at
  7. ELL – Working with Children Volunteers Contact: Beth Botsford at
  8. Summer Lunch and Fun Volunteer Contact: Terri Davies
  9. Prison Ministry Contact: Everett Eschen
  10. Candy Cane Christmas Gift Program Contact: Bev Byram at
  11. Fall Children’s Health Fair Contact: Jim and Betty Mitchell
  12. CROP Walk Contact: Cathy Clemens
  13. North Liberty Building Community Contact Judy McRoberts at (319)-430-9881or


  1. Trustee Team Contact: Gordon Doak
  2. Garden Team Contact: Kathy Boyd

Also refer to the Worship page for more opportunities.

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