“ Conduct yourselves with all humility, gentleness, and patience. Accept each other with love,  and make an effort to preserve the unity of the Spirit with the peace that ties you together. ” Ephesians 4: 2-3 CEB

Do your Spiritual Gifts and Graces fit with any of our opportunities?

Our Ministries

Currently Some of our ministries are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. If you have any issues contacting any ministry leaders please contact the administrative office at so we can help.


  1. Administrative Office – Help with office mailings, bulletins, flyers, etc. Contact: Kara Adrian at
  2. Church Historian – Written records of ministries Contact: Alecia Hilmer at
  3. SPRC – Personnel Contact: Wendy Fahlgren at:
  4. Trustee Team Contact: Jesse Hernandez at:
  5. Finance Team Contact: Lucy Hershberger at:
  6. Ministry Council Contact: Nick Mohr at


  1. Stephen Ministry – Congregational Care Contact: Betty Mitchell bettylouisretired@gmailcom , Jim Mitchell at or Darlene Smith at
  2. Prayer Shawl Ministry Contact: Kara Adrian at
  3. Heavenly Sweets Contact: Sharon Ingle at
  4. Heavenly Bodies: Judy Bonnet at
  5. Reachers Contact: Deb Picone at
  6. Garden Team or (Flower Children) Contact: Kathy Boyd at
  7. Welcome/Hospitality Contact: Judy Westlake at or Olivia Swope at


  1. Children’s Ministry/Sunday School Contact: Mandy Moellering at
  2. Vacation Bible School (VBS) Contact: Katie Mohr at: or Angela Millard at:
  3. EPIC Youth Ministry Contact: Alison Merrill at:
  4. Peacemakers Contact: Mandy Moellering at
  5. Adult Mission Trip Contact: Lucy Hershberger at
  6. Confirmation Contact: Alison Merrill at:
  7. Grace Notes Choir (8:00AM Service) or Mission Band (10:00AM Service) Contact: James Gaffy
  8. Nursery Workers Contact: Alison Merrill at:
  9. Small Group and Adult Education Contact: Suzette Betts at
  10. Creation Kids Contact: Michelle Eide at
  11. Senior Saints Contact: Kathy Boyd at
  12. Worship Contact: Regina Erickson or Cynthia Bunten at
  13. Library Contact: Kristy Ballard


  1. North Liberty Community Pantry Volunteer Contact:
  2. Bike Ministry Contact: Bob Housel at
  3. Free Lunch Program Contact: Held on the fifth Friday of each month. Lynn Jansen
  4. Community Lunch: at The North Liberty Living Center once a month. Contact: Laura Bibby at
  5. Inside Out Contact: Richard Grugin at
  6. LGBTQ Ministry: Elaine Hernandez at
  7. Racial Reconciliation Ministry: Richard Grugin at:
  8. Haitian Ministry Contact: Jenn Steburg at

Also refer to the Join Us tab under Worship Ministries for more opportunities.

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