Rapha House Update

“Girls who have come to Rapha House have been cheated out of their childhoods. We cannot restore the the youthfilled life, joy and dreams, but we can help with a promising and productive future where they can shape their new hopes and dreams.” (Stephanie Freed, Executive Director, on the Rapha House website)
By the end of this year, Rapha House will have 5 safe houses in Cambodia, one in Haiti and another in Thailand. Cambodia is a source, destination, and transit country for trafficked children and adults. It is a country not yet recovered from the atrocities committed against the people of Cambodia by the Pol Pot regime.
Last year a young man and his wife attended an event at their church in Indiana to watch a film about 3 girls rescued by Rapha House in Cambodia. Jason was so moved by what he saw that he decided to restore in his body shop a 1952 Dodge pickup he had recently purchased, sell it, and give the proceeds to Rapha House. Jason, his wife, and 2 of their children began the restoration August 27, 2014. The work went so smoothly he was able to enter the truck, named the Sarah Rose for the child of one of the trafficked girls in the movie, in the February World of Wheels car show in Indianapolis, where the truck took first in class. On May 13, the Sarah Rose sold for $16,000 at Mecum Auction in Indianapolis; someone hearing the story of the truck was moved to donate $5,000 more to Rapha House. On May 16, the truck’s buyer auctioned it again, this time for $20,000, and again the money was donated to Rapha House. Not only did the truck raise $41,000, but the new owner has made the truck available to appear at events publicizing and raising money for Rapha House. Jason is ready to work on the next build for Rapha House, a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible.
Save the Date! This year’s Rescue Run 5k Run/Walk will be Saturday, October 3, at Terry Trueblood Park in Iowa City. This fundraiser for Rapha House donates 100% of the registration fees, plus other money donated.
Our goal is 25 quarters a week – $25 a month – and, although donations have slowed a bit this summer, we have been meeting that goal. When we join together to fight human trafficking -human slavery – we can make an impact on this ruthless multi-billion dollar industry.

photos: Freedigitalphotos.net

North Liberty Summer Lunch and Fun Program

Food donations Needed

Monday, August 3 is the last North Liberty Summer Lunch and Fun program date that our church is responsible for providing. The men’s group has volunteered to serve lunch. Dani and Breeyn Gryp have volunteered to do an activity with the kids.

The lunch menu includes: Iowa Maid Rites on a bun, corn and fruit. If all the menu items are donated, then dessert items will be added. The lunch will feed approximately 125 kids.

To donate items sign up at Sign-Up-Genius or email kirschte@hotmail.com.

To arrange a time for drop-off or pick up your food donation, email kirschte@hotmail.com.

Old Made New

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful Iowa weather is on a bicycle. The neighborhoods and bike trails are teeming with children and adults on bicycles.

Imagine, if you will, a child without a bicycle due to family finances or an adult in need of a bicycle to get to work. Gordon Doak is self taught in bicycle refurbishment. He started The Bike Ministry in 2005 as a way to provide bicycles to customers of the food pantry, to people in the community and to local charities.

The bicycles that Gordon uses can be salvaged or donated. Donations come from church members or people in the community. Gordon refurbishes them in a workshop-like station in the Ministry Outreach Center (MOC) at the First United Methodist Church in North Liberty. Several hundreds of bikes have been donated since Gordon’s mission began.


Gordon states the “ministry gives me a chance to meet many people in our community. I enjoy a sense of accomplishment by turning something broken into something useful. I feel that this ministry is one small way I can demonstrate my faith by reaching out and helping people in our community.”

Cleaning out the garage? Have some bicycles that would be useful to this ministry? Do you or someone you know need a bicycle?  Want to find out more about this ministry? Contact Gordon Doak at gbdoak@yahoo.com

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