Christmas Services

Join us for Candle-light Christmas Eve services at

5:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

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Come sing carols and hear testimonies in an informal service at 9:45 am on Christmas morning.

O Come let us adore Him!




It’s Picture Time

Gather the family and help us make this the biggest Church Directory ever.

Lifetouch will be taking pictures August 24th through the 27th.

Each Portrait session will receive an 8×10 portrait free with opportunities for more.

Appointments available through:

Sign-up tables starting in August.

Following this link to: LIFETOUCH

Bev in the office at 626-2762.

Do you have pictures of Ministry events to share?  Bev will be looking for pictures to add to the directory.  Please Contact Bev at 626-2762 to make submissions.


Catch The VBS Wave



Join us this year for VBS


Catch a wave to First United Methodist Church North Liberty

85 N Jones Blvd., North Liberty, IA 52317.

Surfin’ available 7/24/16 – 7/27/16  6-830pm.

Boards optional, friends encouraged (bring a friend).


The Food Hut is Closed: There will not be a family meal this year.


 Get stoked for far out music. Surf Shack tunes available for preview HERESurf_Shack

Dudes and dudettes can register HERE . The cost is $20 per surfer with a family max of $40. Payments need to be dropped off at church office. Checks payable to North Liberty FUMC.

Cowabunga! Scholarships are available to receive or donate.

Surfer_Female The Surf camp is in need of volunteers.

Join us for a gnarly week by registering HERE.

Have questions?  No worries. ID-10088092

Contact Dani Gryp at (319) 626-2762 or

Join the major party wave surging through North Liberty July 24th to 27th.


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Spring Make A Difference Day

April 9 is the date for our Spring Make a Difference Day
(formerly known as 3 Hours to Make a Difference).

This event will begin at 8:30 am and end at 12:00 pm.


Projects include washing windows, painting, raking leaves or making minor home repairs.

There are many projects limited only by the number of volunteers.


Join us and make a difference.

Sign up forms are available outside the church office.

Know of someone who needs help? Contact the church office at 626-2762.


30 Minutes

30 minutes and a vote.  118 gathered at a church conference to lend their voices to the on-going mission to follow and invite others to follow Jesus Christ.  When all was said and done, the results of the initial ballot were 112 in favor of moving forward in the process, 2 abstained from the vote and 0 voted against the motion.  The expansion moves forward!

30 minutes is deceiving.  Prior to the church conference hundreds of hours of work by the Building Team, the Specialty Teams, Martin-Gardner Architecture Firm, sub-contractors, Trustees, staff, designers, Capital Appeal Team and dreamers went into this night.  With a deep understanding the structure was getting in the way of the mission, a building design took shape to help lead us to an expansion not simply in square footage but in ministry.

30 minutes is misleading.  Thousands of hours were spent in children’s classrooms making yet one more craft to teach a Bible story helping lead us to this moment in time.  Countless hours were spent driving youth to mission service trips, camp and numerous activities to help usher kids into a relationship with Jesus.  Too many prayer shawls to count were knitted to remind people of the presence of God.  Multiple bikes tuned up and given to children, youth and adults as a way to live into our mission.  The hundreds upon hundreds of volunteer hours spent feeding people through our Pantry, Free Lunch, Summer Lunch and Fun went into this vote.  600+ families walking through the doors as part of our Creation Kids ministries were part of this night.  We can’t even begin to count all of the ministry service hours offered by Stephen Ministries, worship teams, gardeners, and oh yes… the prayers that guided us forward in our mission.

30 minutes is deceptive.  The current membership stands on the shoulders of generations of faithful people in the North Liberty area who have called this church home over the years.  Men and women who steadfastly served the community as they bore witness to Jesus Christ.

30 minutes is just the beginning.  30 minutes is just the beginning of the adventure of the build while continuing to serve God.  In upcoming weeks you will hear more about start dates, timelines, input meetings and logistics.   The brown envelope mailings will provide monthly updates to make you aware of ministries and expansion progress.  In April, we will set up a special church email address specifically for expansion questions or comments.   In the next few weeks, a number of the trees surrounding the parking lot will be moved to a new location on site in order to keep them safe until it’s time for landscaping once again! A flurry of activity will take place behind the scenes with the Building Team, the city and the contractors.

30 minutes and a thank you.  For now—we pause.  We pause to say thanks to the Lord for leading us on this journey.  We pause because we are grateful to help usher the kingdom of God into this community.  We pause and breathe in the Spirit as we begin this next phase of our journey.  We pause and give praise to the One who seeks to restore all things.

The Psalmist writes, I rejoiced when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord!



Creation Kids News

As I start to do enrollment for our 2016-2017 school year, I am reflecting on the impact that Creation Kids has made on so many children and families over the past 16 years. Not only do we get to prepare and help children start their journey in education, but we also get the opportunity to teach them about the Bible and tell them God’s Story. We would not be
able to do this with out the support of our Church and the dedication of our staff. It is an amazing thing walking through the classroom and seeing the creativity of the lessons and activities that our teachers have planned. Their dedication to making a difference in each child’s life is truly a blessing.

Creation Kids has reached over 600 families since we opened in August 2000 between our 2
sites, and continue to have over 50 kiddos on our waiting list each year. Our teachers, are not only preparing our kiddos for Kindergarten with academics and social skills, but they also do an amazing job teaching the kids about the Bible and the importance of having Jesus in our lives. We are blessed to have each and everyone one of them, as they are making a difference each and every day.

As I continue to look at the future of Creation Kids, I think of how important a new building
would be. While still staying true to who we are in our small family friendly environment, we will have the ability to reach and teach another 20-30 kiddos. A build would allow us to add at least 2 if not 3 Preschool classrooms, and have the ability to create a permanent space for our school age kids that does not have to be moved twice a week. Our teachers will have a dedicated space to plan and create their activities, and the security of being all together in one wing. I also think of how this will also allow us to follow not only our Mission but also the Mission of the Church “To Follow and Invite Other To Follow Jesus Christ.” We are able to reach out and touch the lives of our kiddos through Bible stories, crafts, and songs. We are preparing the next generation to follow Jesus.

Michelle Eide,
Director of Creation Kids Childcare Center

Pantry Happenings

Review of the Past Year

In 2015, 299,000 lbs of food and toiletries and 11,000 items of clothing were distributed. The average amount of food received per visit was 34 pounsa. Also, special distributions of toiletries, coats, and socks & underwear occurred during the year.

Ilsa DeWald was hired to coordinate the Growing Together Garden, which had its first growing season in 2015, and a variety of vegetables were grown and distributed. A Pantry Farmer’s Market, which had produce donated by local gardeners, was available, and classes were given showing how to use some of the items.

Steven Williams was hired to be the Special Projects and Marketing Coordinator. The AmeriCorps Program which had provided 2 people to work in the Pantry ended September 30, and in order to continue the many activities with which Brandy and Becca had assisted, the board decided to hire someone to take over those responsibilities, as well as providing information to Pantry families and the community.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

This event was Sunday, January 17, and Red’s Alehouse catered a delicious meal. The Pantry has 140 volunteers, who logged 10,000 hours – the equivalent of 5 full-time employees. It would be impossible to do the many activities and services the Pantry offers without these dedicated people. Many of them were honored for their hours of service. For the first time, there was a volunteer who has accumulated 3000 hours.

Honored Volunteers

50 Hours: Kristen Allen, Nick Bergus, Carlyne Burge, Cindy Bys and Girl Scout Troop 1258, Kim Engler, JeanAnn James, Andy Knoedel, Cindy Malott, Linda Milder, Linda Miller, Rae Mosier, Sue Nelson, Jill Noel, Trissa
Pearson, Nancy Readman, Jeff Sorenson, Dotty Staniewska, and Joanne Tigges
100 Hours: Kristen Allen, Carlyne Burge, Don Cantrell, Clay Farebrother, Jennifer Gersten, Margaret Hennes,
Jean Ann James, Linda Miller, Sue Nelson, Jacquelyn Nielson, Sean Pearl and Jeff Sorenson
500 Hours: Barb Dixon, Jim Jedlicka, Paul Kaczinski, Drew Shaffer and Marlene White
1000 Hours: Paul McRoberts
2000 Hours: Judy McRoberts
3000 Hours: Judy Bonnet
Founders Award: Judy Bonnet and Greg Dils
Youth Award: Liz Walters

Current needs are canned meat (besides tuna), peanut butter and soup. The winter months can be difficult, and these items are important ones for feeding a family. Also, toilet paper is always needed.

The Pantry is an exciting, vital place, and volunteers are an essential part of the ministry. Volunteers are still needed, and there are places for everyone, individuals and families.

How do you serve? We are coming up on the holy season of Lent, a time of prayer and reflection, of growing closer to God, of committing our lives to become more like Christ. You can become the hands and feet of Christ by serving those members of our community who are struggling. If you aren’t able to work in the Pantry itself, upcoming projects such as the Golf Tournament on May 6th and Summer Lunch & Fun program are already being planned and in need of volunteers. The Garden, Thanksgiving in July and the Turkey Trot will be in planning stages soon.

For more information,
check our website , Facebook page (, or contact Tina at (319)626-2711 or at

Giving in Grace

“They even did more than we had hoped, for their first action was to give themselves to the Lord and to us, just as God wanted them to.” 2 Corinthians 8: 5 (NLT)

On November 15, our congregation came together to celebrate—our prayers, our presence, our financial gifts, our service and our witness to faith. On this day, we received commitments from 78 families totaling $198,645 to support the 2016 General fund.

Additional commitments and offerings will continue to come in throughout the year. Thank you for your faithfulness. The 2015 Church financial books have closed with a balance of $26, 815 in the General Fund. Thank you for your generous giving throughout the year to fund our church’s ministries and the day-to-day operations.

Through our ministry together, many lives are impacted with the love of Christ. What we do makes an incredible difference in the lives of our members and those of our community. The Spirit is certainly flowing through our church.

The Finance Team

Change A Child’s Story – Book Update

Since Christmas Eve, we have collected 556 books! Wow!! This is in addition to the 125 books we gathered prior to Christmas.

For your information, here is where the books are heading:
Pantry – 125 books given pre-Christmas
Dream Center – 50 books for readers 4th grade and up
Pantry – an additional 145 books for all ages

Peggy Jedlicka and Judy Bornkessel are working with area schools and pre-schools to distribute the remaining gifts. ELL children will be able to pick out new books to read as well. We are planning for our Sunday school children to each be given a book to share with a friend. If you would like to join in the fun of planning and distributing books, then call Peggy or Judy and get signed up.

This church is joining with other Iowa United Methodists to collect 1,000,000 by Annual Conference 2017. In addition, we are signing people up to read, as we hope to have 1,000,000 hours of reading with or to children. Books change lives.

Keep bringing those new books. We are looking for all age levels of reading – pre-school through high school. Thanks so much.ID-10083617



News From Pastor Alecia’s Study


As Lent is set to begin, we will be using the gospel of Luke as our backdrop.
The series, The Gospel of the Nobodies, is the setting as we explore a season
of reflection, repentance and renewal. To prepare yourself for the Lenten journey,
you are invited to read Luke. Luke sees Jesus through a lens where all are
welcome to journey with God. Luke is a powerful gospel, which is filled with
rich text and details that reminds us of a God who is imminent and cares
deeply. Join us in worship.

MARDI GRAS SUNDAY – Sunday, February 7

Join us at the 9:45 am service on February 7 for our annual Mardi Gras Sunday
featuring a brass band playing hymns of praise! Wear gold, green and
purple as we sing, dance and worship our way through this service. The Mardi
Gras service takes place prior to the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.
Wear your beads and put on your dancing shoes!
We are excited to have John Demory painting our theme for the morning,
The Kingdom of God is a Party throughout the 9:45 am service. If you have
not seen John paint in service, you will be mesmerized by how he captures the
essence of Biblical theme in an hour. Don’t miss this service.


Start the Lenten journey on Wednesday, February 10, in a time of contemplation
by walking the labyrinth. The labyrinth is an ancient tool that allows the
walker to center on God. While it appears to be a maze, the difference is that
once on the labyrinth, one will always find the center. Children through adults
are invited to walk it. Areas for quiet contemplation and scripture will be
available as well. The imposition of ashes will be available that night as well.
The labyrinth is open from 6:00-7:30 pm. It takes on average 20 minutes to
walk it. Come when it is convenient for you.


In January we marked the passing of Jeff Astor. Jeff and his wife, Jane have
been members here for many years. Jeff coached track & field at Clear Creek/
Amana and many people came to say their goodbyes to him.

On January 17, Hunter Richey was baptized at the 11:15 am service. Hunter
is the son of Carl & Jen Richey. What a blessing!