Meet the Nolte’s

Dave, Mari, Christen and Hallie Nolte

Dave is a retired Methodist pastor and Army Chaplain. He is active in Stephen Ministry and choir in our current church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He will be going back to New Mexico till his and Mari’s house sells.

Mari will be seeking employment as a unit secretary in the medical field. She enjoys cooking and reading books.

Christen is Hallie’s mom. She is a single parent who will be seeking employment in Early Childhood Education in September or October. She enjoys cooking, bike riding, reading and caring for the two family house rabbits: Blueberries and Blackberries.

Hallie is a busy 5-1/2 year old. She will start Kindergarten this fall at North Bend Elememtry School. She loves books, playgrounds and keeping everyone on their toes.

As a family we want to thank everyone for their support during our move in on July 1 and to let everyone know we can use the newspapers from your recycling bins for the rabbits, as long as it is clean an no ads (the boys would appreciate it). Our rabbits can’t handle cedar chips and they tend to eat the other litters. So we line their “Bunny Palace” with papers!
Again, we appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to getting to know everyone!


Dave, Mari, Christen, Hallie, Blueberries and Blackberries Nolte


Change A Child’s Story

One million books and one million hours for the at-risk and poverty-stricken children of Iowa – that is the goal of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church as part of the Bishop’s Poverty to Opportunity. We hope to accomplish this by June 2017. That means a lot of work but through this initiative, we hope to make a significant inroad in the fight against poverty. It is vitally important that children be reading on grade level by third grade otherwise, at this point they begin to fall further and further behind.ID-10075961
Did you know one factor in determining future prison beds is the number of children not reading at grade-level by third grade? I find that a horrifying measurement. We are asking every Methodist member to prayerfully consider and accept the challenge of being a reading partner with an at-risk child. It is one-hour per week commitment. One hour a week to divert a child from a future of poverty and/or possible prison.
Is that so much to ask? One hour a week, just one….please prayerfully consider how you might fulfill this pledge. You also just might make a new friend. There will be upcoming opportunities listed in upcoming newsletters or speak to Brenda Mayer (319-936-8118). For more information go to Poverty to Opportunity at


News From Pastor Alecia’s Study…….


With the exception of May 3, we will continue the sermon series on the Holy Spirit.

Often called the “forgotten God” of the Trinity, we are winding up a six week series becoming better acquainted. As we open more of ourselves up to the power of the Spirit, our ministries are moving forward. The May schedule is as follows:

May 3            Why Didn’t God Answer This Prayer? Psalm 22:2, John 17:15-24

May 10          Baptized                                                 Romans 6:1-4, 8:1-2

May 17          God’s Will for my Life                              Acts 16:5-10

May 24          Heroes

May 31          Pentecost                                               Acts 2:1-4

The scripture is listed in case you would like to read ahead.

In light of the recent death of Austin Schroeder, we will deal with the topic of God and Suffering at the 8:00 and 9:45 am services on May 3. The question as to Why Didn’t God Answer this Prayer has come up multiple times in the past days. Let’s wrestle with this question on Sunday.


Yes, it will be on May 3! Join us on Sunday May 3 to hear the Kayros Band at the 9:45 and 11:15 services. Pastor Edgar Solis will preach at the 11:15 service. There will be a church potluck beginning at 12:30 pm. All are welcome!

Confirmation Sunday 4/12/15
Confirmation Sunday 4/12/15


We were blessed as a congregation to see 8 students confirmed on April 12.

They were:

Elizabeth Davis                         Aiden Langridge                        Rhianna Maakestad

Kiley Piercy                               Maddie Reid                             Mallory Stanfield

Kendra Triggs                           Selena Wisner

Thanks to all of the work by the mentors: Kyra Corbett, Jon Maakestad, Judy McRoberts, Judy Bornkessel, Angie Wisner, Laura Bibby, Bonnie Winslow-Garvin, Alison Demory and Carrie McKnight. This was a wonderful class of young people.

Child hands at prayer


I can’t imagine a better place than this church. When the church lives into its mission, the Spirit of God moves powerfully. On Tuesday night, April 28, we hosted a Time of Reflection in remembering 15 year old Austin Schroeder. I love being in a church than can make events happen in a timely manner. We had 100 people attend the open-ended night, almost all young people. I am grateful for an amazing staff and volunteers that changed their schedules in order to make this happen: Mandy Moellering, Josh Rath, Bev Byram-Howe, Creation Kids afternoon staff, Sharon Ingle, Dale Ingle, Lucy Hershberger and Paul Meade. We saw the Spirit of God work in the lives of young people. It was a powerful night.


CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE There are a lot of new features and links on website. If you have not checked it out lately, go see what you are missing.




40 Notes in 40 Days

Check out a Lenten exercise that has a different take on the journey through Lent.

40 Notes in 40 Days

Rev. Robb McCoy pastor of Two Rivers United Methodist Church in Rock Island, Illinois, and a 2006 graduate of Eden Theological Seminary.  Rev. McCoy was ordained as an Elder in full connection with the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church in 2010.


Throughout March, worship will focus on 40 Days with Jesus. We will look at the familiar stories of Lent through the eyes of the different participants: John the Baptist, Simon Peter, the Widow, Nicodemus, and other disciples. This haunting story has themes of betrayal, humility, pride, cowardice, power and so much more. As we explore the characters, we begin to see pieces of ourselves in these ancient words. Come join us on the journey of 40 Days with Jesus.

Labyrinth Meditation – Ash Wednesday – Laberinto Meditación – Miércoles de Ceniza

The Labyrinth will be available from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Sanctuary for quiet meditation on Ash Wednesday.

Plan to attend for guided quiet meditation and receive ashes upon completion.

Photo from

El laberinto estará disponible de 6:30 a 20:00 en el santuario para la meditación tranquila el miércoles de ceniza.  Planee asistir para una meditación guiada tranquila y recibir cenizas al finalizar.

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Inter-congregational Women’s Brunch – Desayuno-almuerzo femenino interde la congregaciónes

New Horizons United Methodist Women is hosting a brunch on March 7th at 10:00.  The speaker is Frederick Newell from the Iowa City Dream Center.  The Dream Center is a community organization that strengthens and empowers families through their programs directed at fathers and youth.  The program will also include a dance performance by 15 youth from the organization.
Plan to attend and enjoy fellowship between New Horizons and First United Methodist Church of North Liberty.

Please RSVP to Christine Langridge at by March 1.

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Nuevos Horizontes Mujeres del Metodista Unidas se aloja un brunch el 7 marzo a las 10:00 horas. El orador es Frederick Newell del Centro del Sueño de Iowa City. El Centro del Sueño es una organización comunitaria que refuerza y fortalece a las familias a través de sus programas dirigidos a los padres y a los jóvenes. El programa incluirá también un baile de 15 jóvenes de la organización. Plan para asistir y disfrutar la comunión entre Nuevos Horizontes y la Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida de North Liberty. Por favor, respondan a Christine Langridge en 1 de marzo.

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My Journey to Stephen Ministry

Priscilla Sackett

Stephen Ministry.. Have you ever heard of it? I was in a church to attend a funeral for a friend. While waiting for the service to begin, a question that had been on my mind for over a year came to me again. What am I supposed to do with the rest of my life? I had recently retired after working over 40 years as a nurse. Many of those years were in the field of psychiatry. I had enjoyed the challenge of helping others who thought they were at the end of their rope and help them find their way out of those life challenges.

I noticed a brochure on the seat next to me. It was about Stephen Ministry. I took it with me and read it over a couple times. A few weeks later I was at my son’s wedding and the incredible minister touched my soul with her words and prayers during their marriage ceremony. I “checked out” her church and Pastor Alecia was everything I heard that day and more. A few months later I joined North Liberty United Methodist Church with my husband Mike Nicholls. We were struggling with his son’s diagnosis of cancer, trying to help our aging parents, and keeping up with our blended family of 6 children and 13 amazing grandchildren. The love and support of this congregation has helped me through the death of his son and illnesses of our parents.

How to you give back to those who kept you sane, prayed every day, and just gave you a hug when nothing else would do? I picked up that Stephen Ministry brochure and asked God if that was what he wanted me to do with all the skills and talents he had so generously given to me. “What are you waiting for?” was heard loud and clear!!! I completed Stephen Ministry training and had a care receiver assigned soon after. What a blessing to walk with her on a journey I will never forget. I look forward to the many special women that God will choose to send into my life. He will tell me how to use the special gifts He gave me long ago, knowing the mission He has for me today.

 Pricilla Sackett

How do you envision an inclusive North Liberty? – ¿Cómo ve un integrador North Liberty?

The First United Methodist Church of North Liberty is sponsoring a community forum to explore race relations in North Liberty.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend on Tuesday February 17, 2015 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the church, 85 North Jones Boulevard, North Liberty, IA 52317.  A panel comprised of four community leaders will each take 5-7 minutes and answer the question: How do we envision an inclusive North Liberty?   Additional guests will be available to facilitate the discussion.  The guests come from various walks of life: the city, business, educational, religious and community leaders.  The community leaders, invited guests and the public will have the opportunity for an open discussion of race relations.

Thank you to the planning team for organizing this Community Forum

Aldine Bell, Michael Garvin, Dave Jansen, Lyle Muller, Omar Paz and Alecia Williams.

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La Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida de North Liberty está patrocinando un foro de la comunidad para explorar las relaciones raciales en North Liberty. Marque su calendario y haga planes para asistir el martes 17 de febrero 2015 7:00-20:30 en la iglesia, 85 North Jones Boulevard, North Liberty, IA 52317. Un panel compuesto por cuatro líderes de la comunidad cada tarde 5-7 minutos y responder a la pregunta: ¿Cómo nos imaginamos una sociedad inclusiva North Liberty? Los huéspedes adicionales estarán disponibles para facilitar la discusión. Los huéspedes vienen de diversos ámbitos de la vida: la ciudad, los negocios, los líderes religiosos y de la comunidad educativa. Los líderes de la comunidad, los huéspedes invitados y el público tendrán la oportunidad para una discusión abierta de las relaciones raciales.

Gracias a todo el equipo de planificación para la organización de este Foro de la Comunidad

Aldine Bell, Michael Garvin, Dave Jansen, Lyle Muller, Omar Paz y Alecia Williams.

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Elementary News- Noticias de la Primaria


January was a busy month for Sunday School and Children’s Ministry as we got back into the swing of things following Christmas Break. Didn’t the Children’s Choirs sound great last Sunday? Both songs fit so well with Pastor Josh’s Sermon- it’s always so fun see and hear our kids using their talents to share the joy of God’s strength and love.

February will be another busy month as we move further into Jesus’ adult ministry. We are introducing his “team” called the Disciples, learning the prayers He shared, investigating the parables he used for teaching and miracles he performed.

Please watch for information about events specifically designed to engage our kids in the Building Expansion and We Are Called- Capital Appeal. We are hearing lots of great ideas about what we will need in our new classrooms- more Bibles, bright colors, drinking fountains, a space for Grades 4-5-6 that doesn’t involve running through the snow to the MOC, tables and chairs for projects and discussions, more classrooms for Pre-Kindergarten. We look forward to inviting the kids to share how they see our Children’s Ministry growing in the new space.

Enero fue un mes muy ocupado para la Escuela Dominical y el Ministerio de la Infancia como llegamos de nuevo en el ritmo de las cosas siguientes vacaciones de Navidad. ¿No has Coros de los Niños suenan muy bien el domingo pasado? Ambas canciones encajan tan bien con Sermon- del Pastor Josh siempre es tan divertido ver y escuchar a nuestros hijos utilizando sus talentos para compartir la alegría de la fuerza y el amor de Dios.

Febrero será un mes más ocupado a medida que avancemos en el ministerio de adultos de Jesús. Estamos introduciendo su “equipollamó a los discípulos, el aprendizaje de las oraciones Él compartió, la investigación de las parábolas que usó para la enseñanza y milagros que realizó.

Esté pendiente de información sobre los eventos específicamente diseñados para involucrar a nuestros hijos en la expansión de la Construcción y somos Apelación de Capital llamado-. Estamos escuchando un montón de grandes ideas acerca de lo que vamos a necesitar en nuestros nuevos más Biblias classrooms-, colores brillantes, fuentes de agua potable, un espacio para los grados 4-5-6 que no esté relacionado corriendo por la nieve a la MOC, mesas y sillas para proyectos y discusiones, más aulas para Pre-Kindergarten. Esperamos con interés la posibilidad de invitar a los niños a compartir cómo ven Ministerio de nuestros niños que crecen en el nuevo espacio.

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