News From Pastor Alecia’s Study

Remember Who We Are

We begin our fall looking at the very personal letters from St. Paul to Timothy. There is a great of wisdom to be gleaned from the ancient text, which is relevant to our current situations. This series delves into the core of our mission here at First United Methodist Church. If you are able, take time to read through the letters before we start the series!


We were privileged to celebrate the sacrament of holy baptism twice this month. On August 23, Maeven Egly was baptized. Her parents are Jess and Jason. Maeven has two older siblings, Ronan and Mia. Pastor Josh baptized Drake Smith the following Sunday. His parents are Kevin and Sara. His older sister is Zoey.

Expansion Update

If you did not receive an Expansion update in the brown envelope during the first week of September, please let the church office know. We want to make sure the congregation is informed in each step of the process.

District Superintendent Installation

Mark your calendars for September 27, if you would like to attend the installation of Rev. Kiboko Kiboko as our new District Superintendent. More details will be forth coming as they are made available.

Charge Conference

The date for our Charge Conference is Tuesday, October 15. The location will be at New Horizons United Methodist Church. All are welcome to attend our yearly meeting. The Rev. Dr. Jill Sanders will be presiding over the time.





I BELIEVE: Confirmation Series in Worship

We are continuing with our summer series, Confirmation, in July.
Engaging in the spiritual foundation and practices of our faith is part
of the journey that we began at our baptism. The summer focus is
designed to move us into a deeper understanding of our faith life and
our baptismal vows. It is difficult to live out the Christian life without
wrestling with our foundation. Explore of who you are, the purpose
for which we are called and to whom we belong.


Join us on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 pm at the church for a congregational
meeting. Glenn Siders, our Building Expansion Chair, will update
us on what is happening behind the scenes. In addition, we will
look at the numbers: cash on hand, amount pledged and what is
needed to start a build this summer. Plan on making this meeting a


VBS is one of the most important ministries of the church. It begins
on July 19. Please start praying now. Pray for the children that they
might experience God. Pray for the youth and adults that are ministering
to these children. Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in the
lives of the families. This is a powerful week. If you would like to volunteer
or provide a scholarship for families without enough financial
resources, please contact the church office.


Due to scheduling conflicts on Mondays in July, Bucket List Coffee isnot going to meet on Mondays in July. We will resume meeting in theLibrary on August 3.