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Our Family Ministries are really thriving. Within Children’s ministry, our nursery teaches also practice a curriculum aimed just for toddlers and little ones. Ministry to our youngest ones should not simply be childcare, it should be a launching pad for nurturing the infants and toddlers into an integral beginning—a place of prayer where young children hear the foundation Bible stories, learn simple truth statements, in a way catered to them.

We are also seeing this trend at EPIC, where we are seeing our students bring more friends each week as they dive mote into the Bible than ever before! At every EPIC meeting we have students bring their Bibles and highlighters in, volunteering to read, and answering some hard questions that help them discover and own their faith.

This is an exciting time to be part of Family Ministry, and we could not do it without all of our wonderful volunteers.

Yours In Christ,
Beth Botsford
Director of Family Ministries
Phone 626-2762


All kids in Grades 4-6 are Welcome
Food, Fun and Fellowship
3rd Friday of the Month
6:00—9:00 pm at NLFUMC
October 16
We will be visiting Colony Pumpkin Patch for the Corn Maze!
Cost is $6 per person
Call Beth at 626-2762 to reserve your spot

Peacemakers Explore Everest

Everest taught us that God has the power to forgive. God gives us the power to forgive one another. Once we forgive, we should not carry a grudge or use information from our conflicts to hurt others in the future

The discussion of forgiveness included illustrations using snow and bubbles. Once snow melts or bubbles pop, we never see them again. Forgiveness includes letting conflicts “melt away” or “pop”. Let the information from the conflict disappear never to be seen again.

During our first activity we made snow by filling a diaper with water, cutting it open and finding “snow”. (Yes, we had a snow ball play time). We played a game using water sponges. The participants had to try to get the sponge into a bucket. If they missed the bucket, they were forgiven and allowed to roll the watermelon covered in vegetable oil, first with their feet and then their head.

Thank you to Katie and Lizzy Garvin and Kyra for their assistance. They were the ones that got sat on, not us. Thank you for Lynn Jansen’s help with getting the kids moving with the Everest songs.

Constance Wagner

End of The Year

Peacemakers met in May for the final time of the school year. At this event, we had parents/guardians come and participate in activities with us. Parents were on one side for games and the children on the other. We played many “Minute to Win It” games and fruit basket upset. As usual, most of the games were focused on team building. I really can’t say who won, but fun was had by all. We wish the 6th graders farewell as they move into EPIC next September. Peacemakers will resume in September, on the 3rd Friday of the month. Don’t forget there will be an overnight for VBS. Information to come soon.
Thanks to all the parents that helped supply dinner and Mandy Moellering for all her help with setting
up the dinners and getting supplies.

Special thanks to Bill Hershberger, Nick Klein, Laura Bibby, Elaine Hernandez and Kyra Corbett for
assisting this year. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Constance Wagner

Peacemakers – Pacificadores


Over THIRTY  kids in grades 4-6 attended the Peacemakers Overnight on January 16. The kids participated in many stations including music, games and Bible Adventures ( a play about Job!).  They also did crafts such as making candles for our families, watched a movie about friendship and of course pizza and pancakes. The kids learned about a key Bible verse “Phillipians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (If your child attended—ask them about the activity where they explored how they could share the word of God, even if they couldn’t use their hands to write!) The conversation starter balls were a big hit, and all the kids seemed to enjoy this opportunity to learn more about God in a fun and exciting way.
A quick thanks to the Davies, Moellering and Miller families for helping to prepare and serve the meals. This event would not be possible without the amazing Peacemakers Team—their dedication to this program is remarkable. What a blessing they are to our church family! If you see one of these AWESOME individuals in service—please share with them our thanks and gratitude for their many hours of hard work and the hours of sleep they give up to do the overnight! For over seven years this Ministry has grown and blossomed under their care. When we say it takes a village to raise kids in Christ’s image—we mean it!
Constance Wagner- Peacemakers Leader
Laura Bibby
Elaine Hernandez
Bill Hershberger
Kyra Corbett
Lynn Jansen

Peacemakers meets the third Friday of every month, and is open to kids in grades 4-6.

Upcoming Peacemakers dates February 20, March 20, April 17, May 15. These dates are on the calendar under the Connect Menu

We could use help with the Peacemakers dinner meals in February, April and May. Please let Mandy know if you are available to help out!

Más de treinta niños en los grados 4-6, asistieron a los pacificadores Noche a enero 16. Los niños participaron en muchas estaciones que incluyen música, juegos y aventuras Biblia (una obra sobre trabajo!). Artesanía También hicieron como la fabricación de velas para nuestras familias, vieron una película sobre la amistad y, por supuesto, la pizza y crepes. Los niños aprendieron sobre un versículo clave Biblia Filipenses 4:. 13- Puedo hacer todas las cosas en Cristo que me fortalece(Si su hijo asistiópreguntarles acerca de la actividad donde exploraron cómo podrían compartir la palabra de Dios, si no podían usar sus manos para escribir!) las bolas de iniciar la conversación fueron un gran éxito, y todos los niños parecían disfrutar de esta oportunidad de aprender más acerca de Dios de una manera divertida y emocionante.
Una rápida gracias a las familias Davies, Moellering y Miller para ayudar a preparar y servir las comidas. Este evento no sería posible sin la increíble Peacemakers Team-su dedicación a este programa es notable. ¡Qué bendición son para nuestra familia de la iglesia! Si usted ve uno de estos individuos IMPRESIONANTES en servicio por favor compartir con ellos nuestro agradecimiento y gratitud por sus muchas horas de duro trabajo y las horas de sueño que renuncian a hacer la noche a la mañana! Por más de siete años, este Ministerio ha crecido y florecido bajo su cuidado. Cuando decimos que se necesita una aldea para criar a los niños en la imagen de Cristolo decimos en serio!
Constanza Wagner- pacificadores Líder
Laura Bibby
Elaine Hernandez
Bill Hershberger
Kyra Corbett
Lynn Jansen

Pacificadores se reúne el tercer viernes de cada mes, y está abierto a los niños en los grados 4-6.

Próximos pacificadores fechas 20 de febrero, 20 de marzo, 17 de abril, mayo 15. Estas fechas están en el calendario en el menú Conectar

Podríamos utilizar la ayuda con las comidas pacificadores de la cena en febrero, abril y mayo. Se ruega a Mandy sabe si usted está disponible para ayudar!

Peacemakers Winter Overnight

The annual Peacemakers Overnight is January 16 at 6pm and lasts until January 17 at 8am.  If you are a youth in 4th, 5th or 6th grades, please plan to attend.  The night will be filled with crafts, games, movies, munchies and fun.   Please RSVP to Mandy at 319-626-2762. Cost is $5.  Grab your sleeping bag and plan to attend.

Please use this google doc to sign up so we know how much pizza to get! 🙂

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