Welcome to Our Church

I am excited to announce that we are beginning a new welcome team to help make guests feel at home here at NLFUMC. I am excited because this means that when new people walk through the doors of the church, we can direct them to smiling faces that are willing to help them feel at home as well as ask any questions they may have. This provides a personal experience and helps make people feel at home.

I know many of you do a great job of greeting guests when they walk through our doors and I encourage each of you to continue to do so, the team will provide even more assistance as well as give people the opportunity to ask questions.

We have a great team who is ready to get started, if you would like to help during the service you normally attend, please contact one of the people listed below from each service. We will be ordering special badges to wear so people know who they can come up to and ask questions.

This is vital to help make people feel comfortable, pointing them to where the restrooms are to knowing all the ministries of the church.

First Service: Jolyn Morgan and Elaine Hernandez

Second Service: Dani Gryp and Terry and Robbie Donahue

Third Service: Karen McRoberts and Mario

In Christ,

Pastor Josh


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