Family Ministries

Our Family Ministries are really thriving. Within Children’s ministry, our nursery teaches also practice a curriculum aimed just for toddlers and little ones. Ministry to our youngest ones should not simply be childcare, it should be a launching pad for nurturing the infants and toddlers into an integral beginning—a place of prayer where young children hear the foundation Bible stories, learn simple truth statements, in a way catered to them.

We are also seeing this trend at EPIC, where we are seeing our students bring more friends each week as they dive mote into the Bible than ever before! At every EPIC meeting we have students bring their Bibles and highlighters in, volunteering to read, and answering some hard questions that help them discover and own their faith.

This is an exciting time to be part of Family Ministry, and we could not do it without all of our wonderful volunteers.

Yours In Christ,
Beth Botsford
Director of Family Ministries
Phone 626-2762

Sunday School Wrap-up

Another great Sunday school, Peacemakers and EPIC year has come to an end. We had a great turn
out for our Tea and Talent Show on May 17. Thanks to all of the kiddos (and Sunday school teachers) who shared their talents. It’s always fun to watch the students up on stage. Thanks to all of our parents and family members who came to be our audience as well. I would like to personally thank each of our Sunday school Teachers this year. They did such a phenomenal job, we are so blessed!
Pre- K Teachers: Dani Gryp and Breeyn Gryp
K-1st Grade Teachers: Nancee Waterbury and Teresa Ellickson
2nd-3rd Grade Teachers: Brydie Criswell and Terri Davies
4th-6th Grade Teachers: Laura Bibby and Don Triggs
Sunday School Greeter—Terri Davies
Music—Lynn Jansen
Sunday School II Teachers: Alyssa Rieckens, Jason Fangman and Bella Paz
Substitute Teachers: Carrie McKnight, Susie Robertson, Peggy Daugherty, Jacki Knorr

While March had a few days that felt like a “LAMB”, I think there were definitely more LION days in this past month! Who else is ready for Spring??! I know I am!

March was a busy month in Sunday School. We started the month with two of Jesus’ parables- The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan. We then moved into Holy Week and the preparation for Easter. It’s always fun to stop into our classrooms to see what the kids are working on. Last Sunday was an especially great day to see the Pre-K kiddos making palms, the K-1 classroom acting out the Journey Into Jerusalem with palm branches and cloaks, the 2 and 3 graders making Ukranian Easter Eggs with Easter symbols, and the 4—6 classroom experiencing the Last Supper. The 10:00 am class is preparing for FOUR new students to receive Bibles on Easter Sunday! Our teachers put so much into preparing for and teaching their classes each week, it’s such a joy to watch our students learning and growing in their faith.

After Easter, we start moving through some of the ways we engage in faith in our daily lives.  Discussions on Prayer, The “Red Words of Jesus”, and Heaven are all on tap before we end the Sunday school year in May.

Don’t forget that May 1, the kids will bring their “church” banks in for the Capital Appeal offering— what a great way to see the impact our kiddos are having on the Building Expansion.

Check out the Camp Bulletin Board in the Narthex! There are some great church camps offered in our area- with camperships available for those who need financial assistance. Please let me know if you have any questions—or a camper attending an UMC camp this summer.

A blessed and joyous Easter season to you all.

Mandy Moellering,  Director of Children and Youth Ministry

Mandy Moellering

Director of Children and Youth Ministry

Student Reminders

Spring Break starts March 15th and there will be no Sunday School, Children’s Choir rehearsal, Youth Bells, Chime Bar Choir or EPIC.

Celebration Sunday is March 29th there is no Sunday School.  The Sunday School classes will sing during 9:45am worship service.

Elementary News- Noticias de la Primaria


January was a busy month for Sunday School and Children’s Ministry as we got back into the swing of things following Christmas Break. Didn’t the Children’s Choirs sound great last Sunday? Both songs fit so well with Pastor Josh’s Sermon- it’s always so fun see and hear our kids using their talents to share the joy of God’s strength and love.

February will be another busy month as we move further into Jesus’ adult ministry. We are introducing his “team” called the Disciples, learning the prayers He shared, investigating the parables he used for teaching and miracles he performed.

Please watch for information about events specifically designed to engage our kids in the Building Expansion and We Are Called- Capital Appeal. We are hearing lots of great ideas about what we will need in our new classrooms- more Bibles, bright colors, drinking fountains, a space for Grades 4-5-6 that doesn’t involve running through the snow to the MOC, tables and chairs for projects and discussions, more classrooms for Pre-Kindergarten. We look forward to inviting the kids to share how they see our Children’s Ministry growing in the new space.

Enero fue un mes muy ocupado para la Escuela Dominical y el Ministerio de la Infancia como llegamos de nuevo en el ritmo de las cosas siguientes vacaciones de Navidad. ¿No has Coros de los Niños suenan muy bien el domingo pasado? Ambas canciones encajan tan bien con Sermon- del Pastor Josh siempre es tan divertido ver y escuchar a nuestros hijos utilizando sus talentos para compartir la alegría de la fuerza y el amor de Dios.

Febrero será un mes más ocupado a medida que avancemos en el ministerio de adultos de Jesús. Estamos introduciendo su “equipollamó a los discípulos, el aprendizaje de las oraciones Él compartió, la investigación de las parábolas que usó para la enseñanza y milagros que realizó.

Esté pendiente de información sobre los eventos específicamente diseñados para involucrar a nuestros hijos en la expansión de la Construcción y somos Apelación de Capital llamado-. Estamos escuchando un montón de grandes ideas acerca de lo que vamos a necesitar en nuestros nuevos más Biblias classrooms-, colores brillantes, fuentes de agua potable, un espacio para los grados 4-5-6 que no esté relacionado corriendo por la nieve a la MOC, mesas y sillas para proyectos y discusiones, más aulas para Pre-Kindergarten. Esperamos con interés la posibilidad de invitar a los niños a compartir cómo ven Ministerio de nuestros niños que crecen en el nuevo espacio.

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